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Nov 7, 2012


Hey there people.. I've drank the madebymyuncle - homebrew beer this weekend. its some heavy stuff, 10 procents of pure alcohol but the honey he adds to it makes it a very sweet beer. Its all made by himself (recipe and brewing). Overall on a scale from 1 to 10 its a 9, haha. 

It isn't that commercial, but i thought it was a good practice for myself to act like the beerlabel was a well thought order. So I started drawing the lines in illustrator, and exporting them to photoshop. There I did the shadows, the beer background effects and some more touchup things.. Then exported it to Indesign to get things ready for pressing, and at the end the only thing that was left was my pdf file.

Made some artistic photos with my brother through the process. Enjoy!

The beer is called Honing Tripel in Dutch. That was the only thing left to say.


Could have been more precise with the scissors.. but its allright.
Ready to start off!

Some water destroyed it like 5 min after i pasted it.. :(


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