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Nov 26, 2012


Hah, with some QBEATS shit in the background I sketched this hand. I am not that skilled with drawin' realistic things but time flies, I want to experiment more these days and at school we have to practice it also.. so 'Patience is a Virtue' in this case. First did the basic lines, and the shadows.. Did it again with fineliners but it wasn't a nice idea at all, when I thought about it it was too late already. But no worries this time, my blackbook 2012 was a SECK1 masterpiece already. When its 2013 i'll give away a video with all the sketches of my blackbook. But if you are a fanatic visitor of my art blog you must have seen some by now!

If anyone can teach me more about drawing arms faces and more contact me. I am desperate to learn anything 'bout that!

Again bigups to QBEATS, his beats are in some of my videos on youtube. Check him out:

Enjoy and stay tuned! I'll drop some new sketches every sunday. Some are scanned or I will make a high resolution fisheye photo for you guys!


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