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Nov 29, 2012


Did this a long time ago.. No can control at all but the sketch came out well so I decided to try paint it on the bike. My dad wanted this, with some weird colours. I had no money to get an order done at Henxs so I did use my wasted MTN Hardcores. After that mistake I switched to MTN 94 for jobs like this.. Best spraycans on earth in my opinion. This is the result to show you my progress I've made. Shit is much better now, because of my improved can control haha! I want to do this again so badly but Dad don't want it anymore..  My dad is into blogging too, he is writing in Dutch. So if you want to read some stories about cruising the Netherlands with a special bike, follow him!

Also a special treat for you guys is coming, for the 1000 views in 3 months. Spread the love!

Peace and bigups!