Dec 26, 2013


I think this is the last one for 2013.. Thank you for all the views, feedback, commentary and promoting. It was a big year for me and I couldn't do this better without all your support! I hope you all will face a beautiful 2014, keep working hard!

Yesterday I started with an monster octopus; I want to dive in tattoo sketching really bad so thats a good one for 2014! It came out more pink as I wanted but I focussed on the lettering, the big guy eating a ship was an side issue. Overall it came out well! Might digitalize this one 1 day, illustrator works for a shirt or something! 

This is an good ol' 3-steps-exposed type of blog; one sketch-pic, one colouring-pic and the end result as another photograph (outlines and finetuning).

Enjoy, have a nice holiday!



Coloring, pinkish!

Sketching part

Dec 22, 2013


So I got diagnosed with the typeface disease this month.. And it isn't that horrible! A new font was made.. Small letters, capitals, 0-9, a couple of other characters so you can write not only titles but a whole story, and we got a new font! Also learned more about kerning and I tried to get al the mi stake  s out as you know what I mean haha. Enjoy!

FLOOD WATER 1953 is a font inspired by, well.. floods. I tried to create capitals that are being filled with water. The bigger your corps is the more details you will see, I worked many hours on this one..

Also the game Bioshock played his role in my sketching and brainstorming process. That oldschool 'Rapture' font is so beautiful!

And 1953? The year 1953? As most of you know, I live in Holland, Europe. The small country with the sea beside it. Because of that big, enormous, strong sea, we need even bigger, more enormous, stronger walls to keep the water outside. In the fifties that walls broke, and many villages were washed away with their people, houses and furniture. I saw a movie about that event too. Interesting enough to put some extra figures at the end!


Soon available from!

Seck Design

Dec 12, 2013


So today my 'xmas present' came. My new stickers for promoting my blog! I ordered them at Flyeralarm! Bigups to my homie TOBER for showing me this site.. Easy to order, very cheap, quick delivery, but descent quality. Nice.

Nah, no new design at all, I also made a shirt with this on my account, but I am proud of that one so I thought it would be smart to keep in mind that I and many others love it. Check out the contact page for my email adress, or hit me up by phone, facebook or whatever because I'm in for trading! Let's get the blog famous! 


EDIT: My brother, carlover and photographer, put my sticker on a model Lamborghini Murcierlago 1:18.. Nice! The logo 'ST Photography' is made by me. Awesome seeing him put his time in photographing my work! Thanks Stan.


Dec 3, 2013


I always wanted to draw proper faces, in my earlier days I practised many hours but it wasn't getting better in my opinion.. Now I started drawing faces again, and with a bit of internet help I tried to get people to recognize who the girl is I drew. And it worked! 

I searched for a gift for Kim, but I wanted it to be special, something you wouldn't get for Christmas normally.. I thought a drawing was a good way to show her how much she means to me, but I didn't ask because sometimes finding such an artwork in your closet years later can hurt haha. I was so happy when she asked if I could draw her.. *lovely moaning* Anyways, also a good opportunity to practice! Started off with printing the pic, and (lightly!) sketching the basic lines with a HB pencil on a3 paper with the pic next to it. No tracing! Then getting to the shadows with B pencils and the highlights were done with a white Molotow 227HS paintmarker. Nice finishing touch isn't it?