Dec 3, 2013


I always wanted to draw proper faces, in my earlier days I practised many hours but it wasn't getting better in my opinion.. Now I started drawing faces again, and with a bit of internet help I tried to get people to recognize who the girl is I drew. And it worked! 

I searched for a gift for Kim, but I wanted it to be special, something you wouldn't get for Christmas normally.. I thought a drawing was a good way to show her how much she means to me, but I didn't ask because sometimes finding such an artwork in your closet years later can hurt haha. I was so happy when she asked if I could draw her.. *lovely moaning* Anyways, also a good opportunity to practice! Started off with printing the pic, and (lightly!) sketching the basic lines with a HB pencil on a3 paper with the pic next to it. No tracing! Then getting to the shadows with B pencils and the highlights were done with a white Molotow 227HS paintmarker. Nice finishing touch isn't it?




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