Dec 22, 2013


So I got diagnosed with the typeface disease this month.. And it isn't that horrible! A new font was made.. Small letters, capitals, 0-9, a couple of other characters so you can write not only titles but a whole story, and we got a new font! Also learned more about kerning and I tried to get al the mi stake  s out as you know what I mean haha. Enjoy!

FLOOD WATER 1953 is a font inspired by, well.. floods. I tried to create capitals that are being filled with water. The bigger your corps is the more details you will see, I worked many hours on this one..

Also the game Bioshock played his role in my sketching and brainstorming process. That oldschool 'Rapture' font is so beautiful!

And 1953? The year 1953? As most of you know, I live in Holland, Europe. The small country with the sea beside it. Because of that big, enormous, strong sea, we need even bigger, more enormous, stronger walls to keep the water outside. In the fifties that walls broke, and many villages were washed away with their people, houses and furniture. I saw a movie about that event too. Interesting enough to put some extra figures at the end!


Soon available from!

Seck Design


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