Jan 27, 2014


Normal sundays are always boring.. So I was so pleased when TOBER contacted me saturdaynight about doin' a legal piece at the tunnel in Rotterdam Overschie. Rainy days but we kept it dry hehehe. His style is so dope, he really got his own thing.. Nice!

I packed my shit up in the morning, and got to Rotterdam to meet up with the mighty TOBER. It had been a long time since I did my last graffiti work so I was a bit in a rush, could I keep up with him? Offcourse not, the damn style king haha. But it was a really nice afternoon, as soon as we got to the spot we started painting.. Many OBS pieces over there, guys are big! First off sketching, and a bit of latex paint to get rid of the old works we gotta paint over.. Then we started with the fill. Really dope how the guy also filled his piece with a roller and brush!

We were painting nice and slowly, getting the effects clean and perfect as we had the whole day, and then a Polish guy dropped by. I didn't even know his name but he was very friendly, most writers from the same country are hating on eachother normally.. Later on we also hooked up with RESK and DUSOK, so with a total of 5 people in the tunnel it was a nice day! Bigups!



Jan 22, 2014


After almost 1,5 months working on two 140 x 100 cm canvases, we're pretty much there. My feelgood - exhibition is going to be a great learning experience, and it's a great honour to take (the biggest) part in this business! The preparations are taking place, I got permission.. Its going well!

My inspiration came from a couple of people that were in a bad / depressed position, with their work / school, or with the family situation at home. As I wasn't in a good position with the problems and surgery on my eyes soon, I had to convince myself that it all was going to be allright. I started drawing and sketching, playing around a bit, and I came to a new idea;  Why wouldn't I show the rest of the world around me why you have to think positive - in a creative way? Thats why I made these pieces, and I want to share them with you; Soon!

Here are two close up previews from the work I've done, in a flyer like advertisement method. More pictures soon when my canvases arrived at the location. Enjoy, and stay tuned to the blog people! 

Don't forget to enjoy life! Take care,


Jan 14, 2014


A new blackbook sketch.. The first one of 2014! I promised myself to try to look further than graffiti, and over all I do much photoshop/illustrator work, and I'm practicing for more detailed faces and portraits, but a good ol' graffiti piece is never far away.. It's a way to get rid of the stress in my life, and there had been some stress since december last year; I will have a surgery on my eyes in 2 days. Its a bit creepy and I don't look forward to it, but in the 19 years I've been on this earth I've had over 10 head-surgeries only, so I could say I am quite familiar with the hospital life.. And I always try to be happy so letsgo! 

I started this sketch out of boredom.. Just some scribbling but it came out well. After sketching I started with the pink and the green chunks, yellow and light orange often go well with that.. dark blue outline, yellow outline with the ' things. Gave dem ' a dark red fill. Hehe.  

I hope you will understand that there are no more blog updates till I'm fully recovered. I got much more stuff for you that is almost finished, also some bigger projects.. Love!



Jan 10, 2014


So my man Tober was collaborating with some other street artists / graffers from in and around Rotterdam, Grimm, Resk, and he also made one with me! Dope!

I did a typical Seckface character, but without the pupils in the eyes. He also added the background and text. Came out trippy, thanks man!

You can always hit me up for trading, I'm in!



Paralyzed cat hahaha!

Jan 8, 2014


Yeah bro, good way to start off my blogging-2014! My man Jedidiah aka Stratiotis Dubstep asked me I wanted to join him at a party at the Hague, at Paard van Troje because he had to drop a set.. It was called HAAGEN BASZ. He was mixing skanky tunes for a long time already, so it was an sick set b2b Skitzo Dubz! I got a couple of the most dope moments in a video, check it out here.

When I returned back home, I got to his Soundcloud channel to get a better look at it, since I only played a couple of mixes.. His name Stratiotis is an true eyecatcher, so I wanted to know what it means.. According to Wikipedia:

'The Greek term stratiotis/-ai (στρατιώτης/-αι) was in use since classical antiquity with the sense of "soldier" (e.g. Herodotus 4,134, Xenophon, Cyrus An. 7, ch. 1, 4 etc.) The same word was used continuously in the Roman and Byzantine period.'

As I know he served in the military I know why he had chosen this name. It got me inspired instantly and I wanted to make another illustration like the previous one.. So I made a 'Stratiotis DUBSTEP' lettering with the sorta same style as the last one, with an dutch soldier helmet above, but it has a special touch.. U gotta like dat bass helmet yo! Woiii!