Jan 8, 2014


Yeah bro, good way to start off my blogging-2014! My man Jedidiah aka Stratiotis Dubstep asked me I wanted to join him at a party at the Hague, at Paard van Troje because he had to drop a set.. It was called HAAGEN BASZ. He was mixing skanky tunes for a long time already, so it was an sick set b2b Skitzo Dubz! I got a couple of the most dope moments in a video, check it out here.

When I returned back home, I got to his Soundcloud channel to get a better look at it, since I only played a couple of mixes.. His name Stratiotis is an true eyecatcher, so I wanted to know what it means.. According to Wikipedia:

'The Greek term stratiotis/-ai (στρατιώτης/-αι) was in use since classical antiquity with the sense of "soldier" (e.g. Herodotus 4,134, Xenophon, Cyrus An. 7, ch. 1, 4 etc.) The same word was used continuously in the Roman and Byzantine period.'

As I know he served in the military I know why he had chosen this name. It got me inspired instantly and I wanted to make another illustration like the previous one.. So I made a 'Stratiotis DUBSTEP' lettering with the sorta same style as the last one, with an dutch soldier helmet above, but it has a special touch.. U gotta like dat bass helmet yo! Woiii!




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