Jan 22, 2014


After almost 1,5 months working on two 140 x 100 cm canvases, we're pretty much there. My feelgood - exhibition is going to be a great learning experience, and it's a great honour to take (the biggest) part in this business! The preparations are taking place, I got permission.. Its going well!

My inspiration came from a couple of people that were in a bad / depressed position, with their work / school, or with the family situation at home. As I wasn't in a good position with the problems and surgery on my eyes soon, I had to convince myself that it all was going to be allright. I started drawing and sketching, playing around a bit, and I came to a new idea;  Why wouldn't I show the rest of the world around me why you have to think positive - in a creative way? Thats why I made these pieces, and I want to share them with you; Soon!

Here are two close up previews from the work I've done, in a flyer like advertisement method. More pictures soon when my canvases arrived at the location. Enjoy, and stay tuned to the blog people! 

Don't forget to enjoy life! Take care,



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