Feb 24, 2014


I might have told you this before but.. It stays so hard to keep out of my blackbook. To leave my roots, where I started to get creative when I was young and where I got interested in art. You may find this a bit boring but I want to explore every color, every effect and every type of letterstyling one by one. I want to 'milk it out'. Because with that in mind I'll secure myself that I wouldn't forget a tiny part. Thats where I find my peace and where I could let my head rest; Just sketch and forget everything. Just get rid of all the emotions as a graffitiwriter-like Bob Ross. That's also a part of my blog, this is my 'journey to' getting my success.

Yesterday night was a night like that again. 1 week of holiday in between, with no school or stress at all, led to an end this sunday. I started to worry more and more about the things that were important, but also the things that weren't. I didn't feel well at all, so I got my blackbook up, some fresh color-markers and off we go! The E is in another color combo, and at the end it gave me the feeling of a coral reef. Especially the pink / purple did it in this one! I feel confident about this one, what do you guys think?




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