Feb 7, 2014


As you guys maybe already know, I have a new domain, seckdesign.com, that redirects to the blog. Maarten from Pc Fix Duivenbode, the man from the last blogpost, said it would be more professional looking than it was at that time.. And I couldn't disagree. So I bought the domain as soon as I came home, and redirected it to the blogspot account. It was a really smart step, I got even more views and feedback since! Thank you!

But a new domain also asked for a new way of advertising, my goal was to get more of a 'business' page, instead of the street art and graffiti. I got inspired by a blog made by another graphic design artist, Mr Cup. He collects all sorts of inspiring logo's, printing/press techniques and so on in a Tumblr like blog. I saw so many ye olde style typography pieces, that I thought it was a nice idea to do that too - but different!

So I started sketching at home for a business card. When it was done, I digitalized it with Photoshop and Illustrator CS6. That isn't that new for me is it? After that I got to a website called KantoorStempels, a website that sells.. Yes, custom stamp tools! I made my own business cards to give it a real homemade and authentic look, these are the first copies.. I am going to make many more. See the pictures of the production process below.


'Visit the blog @ SECKDESIGN.COM' & my data on the back

Paper cutting

Really nice! Thanks to KantoorStempels!