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Mar 11, 2014


Yes! Here it is, the fourth label for the homebrew beer! I am getting more and more proud, this is all mine. I learned a lot thanks to Jan and this opportunity to make a series of beerlabels, the difference between the printing at home, and what you see on your screen; how to keep the style in all those labels consistent; photoshop things easier/more efficient, and so on.

After about 10 extra nights of restyling and finetuning, my uncle finally decided which name he wants to use in the future; 'Brouwerij Anselmus', or in my rough English 'Anselmus Brewery'. He chose Anselmus because that was a famous beerbrewer, and he created a lot of nice beer types. 'He started brewing in his basement when he was young, I did exactly the same' Jan explained. Excellent, new name, we also need a new (nah, new) logo. As I said before, Jan was a pharmacist before he started brewing beers. He now works somewhere else, but the pharmacy roots he has made him use the classic Pharmacy A's to specify his ale. Offcourse, I changed it a bit to make it stand out with other beerlabels and logo's. That's why the typical stripe on the left side was moved up to the top, for a hidden letter J. Excellent!
Anselmus logo

You may have read this before, label four is for the cherry flavoured beer; My uncle brews very widely. It is bit of an ale like beer, 10 percent alcohol, and it has to be drank with patience. Really nice to spend the evening with, and the 'Anselmus' beer label has to spread the image of the best taste and oldschool quality indeed. Thats why I chose for the red tints, to give it a calm feeling.. Check the pictures for further details like the cherry and so on. I searched for the typical 'cherry wood' structure.. Really nice colours!

Also the other labels (Seizoensbok, Honingtripel & Kerstbier) got little but effective changes. Some parts have more shadow now, some a bit less and the text is optimized for reading. The biggest noticable change is the paper roll on the top; I erased some outer edges of the letters to put more attention on the paperwork 

Up next: A blonde beer. I will put a nice 'Oktoberfest' background in it, but I have to sketch for the symbol on that one.. I will maybe draw a girl in the design but I have to consider with Jan. Soon we will find out what is right and what is wrong, so stay tuned for more! We are considering to order our own 'Brouwerij Anselmus' pint glass, awesome!

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Small but effective changes are applied on the top title part.


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