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Mar 2, 2014


Ha, about 2 days ago I was in an portrait drawing mode again.. An good idea came up in my mind: Why not drawing facebook friends? I posted an update that was something like 'Suggestions on drawing a portrait tonight? You could ask if I like to draw you but don't complain when your face is on my blog a couple of days later hahaha.' The amount of comments were.. huge. More than 8 people already.. Damn. Thats a lot of work to do! I think i'll make a series of this, every day that I have some spare time, I will draw one of you guys that are interested and tag you on facebook. Stay tuned if you commented!

I will only draw you if I know you in real life, and don't expect too much; I am still learning!

I have done the second drawing today.. Worked out better than the first one, but a composition of two faces was something I had never done before.. Drawing girls is much more interesting off course haha. Started out with the sketching part as always, and this time without the struggle of getting the nose in the right place. It motivates me when that happens, so I decided to also finish it right off.. Shadows did came out well, and her hair did the job.. Just as in real life. It is an honour to draw someone with such beautiful hair haha.

Btw, I will get another stamp ink color, black fits a whole lot better with these drawings. Green isn't the right thing here..

More soon!



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