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Mar 8, 2014


That has been a while.. Sketching for an order. It is always nice to refresh your letters sometimes; Just to keep your style 'up to date'. In my earlier days, I did sketch a lot of names for people from my school, but nowadays I only do my own things.

A week ago TOBER asked me for a sketch to add to his blackbook, and I thought, why won't we do that exchange that we talked about for a long time? This week I was too busy, but with all my school assignments handed in I finally have time to put out this sketch. Nice!

To is the latex master - He is always experimenting with fills and effects/gradients in his work, and the basic tool he uses to get those fills done is? A paint roller. Look at the past collabo with him, he always has pastel colors. I thought it would be fun to use just the opposite; High pigmented colors and many contrasts. I hope I will inspire him to do the same, maybe with more bright accents those pieces will become even more banging!

Soon I will add the other 'Seck' sketch I am about to get. Enjoy!




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