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Mar 23, 2014


Quick update here, learning to handle ink markers. I want to get better at this soon, so don't expect too much!

With all the beer labels and oldschool fifties music I became interested in Pop art and oldschool hairstyles more and more. Really nice to see how the people of my age tried to be different back then; the clothes for example are so different, but they have such a nice looking. Awesome.

I bought some Copic markers last week, I had a couple of other inkbased ones too (I think they're called ProMarkers or something), and they are extremely nice to add shadow effects on my letterstyling and graffiti work. One of the struggles I deal with everytime is.. Adding gradients. I discovered the blog of MarkerGuru today, while watching a youtube video about 'adding gradients with copics'. When I heard the word 'blogspot' my ears were on sharp. Soon as I visited I saw a blog full of nice tutorials and beautiful work. You really gotta check her out, she is even certified by Copic themselves. Well done!

I made a woman on the phone yesterday too, as you may have seen on my Instagram. On school they learned us that with faces, you got to make a couple of sketches before the best one comes out. Today was a good day to give it another try. And I did. This time she's biting her lip, haha. I've used more color, it still is a comic book type of drawing but I wanted to create more realistic shadows..  I'm pleased with this first try, there's a lot more room for improvement though.

See the picture below for the end result. 



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