Apr 22, 2014


Ah. A lovely easter weekend has passed, with the Liquicity at WesterUnie party saturday night. Those guys just kick off an awesome evening again every time, I can't figure out how they manage to get something so dope done. Really nice. 

About a week ago KERMIS asked for an exchange on Instagram. I really like the requests by other graffers / artists so I said I'm down with that. Today I picked some spare time to finish it off. KERMIS with 6 letters is a fairly long tag, and to be honest I started to much to the left haha. The 3d and text cloud was added to fill up the space. The color combination with the brownish red ink and the green tints Posca / Molotow markers is the element I like the most about this piece, I try to maintain my own style in every piece so the letterstyling and effects are just allright. I have made a GIF animation to show the progress and the end result is pictured below also. Enjoy! Bigup KERMIS!




Apr 14, 2014


Sometimes sketching is in a lower state.. On the one hand its a pity that I forgot to update the blog every time  and I didn't pull off new sketches. But on the other hand; My hard work is paying off. Not only my artwork is being appreciated more and more and the blog that did hit 9500 pageviews made me happy, but I also found a girl that takes me how I am, and love can brighten up your life so much.. This is all a dream coming true for me.

Today I felt like sketching again. After doing a really personal mural with Jamie in my bedroom, I was left thinking what would be next. I am in an illustrating mode lately and I really want to discover how to get real crisp shading done, but lettering and graffiti are my roots that are always lurking in the dark. It is still so much fun to get a quick piece done without having to think about anything.. Unfortunately Bob Ross was one of the few that really understood the peace and calmness that comes with art; Just keep adding things in silence until your piece of work is just perfect.

This 'goodlife' lettering is just the way I wanted it. Nothing more nothing less. I believe that everyone with a bit of inspiration can make a piece of art, the 'scared to fail' part is all in between your ears.

Enjoy this bright update!


SECK1 x 'GOODLIFE' x 2014