May 9, 2014


Breaking through the paper

The only thing mother nature had to share today was a big cloud and rain.. Somehow when I am chilling inside with the water tickling on a roof above my head, it makes me sketch. Stormy days stimulate my creative mind in some way, I just can't describe it. My girl is away on vacation with her family, and missing her makes me only more desperate to clear my mind. Let's go!

As lightning strikes, I remember the past post I did about Copics and Promarkers; I want to learn to do those clean gradients, but blending isn't my thing. I made this blog to show the progress of my work, and I always redo things 10 times or more before I think it's good enough. In this part I focused on the eyes, I really tried to get as many realistic effects and parts done, but I like to keep it a bit comic / pop art style, my way.. When comparing my first sketches with this one, my sketches with eyes are becoming better and better.

The sketch is called 'Watching You', and I made a fictional girl that l looks through my ripped markerblock to see whats going on. Colours are all promarkers / stabilo, and I tried shadowing as smooth as possible with a grey copic. Yeah smooth.. Nah. Mistakes are been made only to learn from. We'll see what the next one will look like, enjoy!




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