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Aug 2, 2014


We went on a trip again! Like last year, our destination was Monte Carlo, Monaco. Besides some quick sticker slapping in Breda and a parking spot in Belgium, nothing special happened. I did make a quick sketch at home, and I bought some paint before we left the homebase Rotterdam.

After two days travelling, we entered the mighty city where everybody appears to be rich. Monte Carlo is a place I'm still amazed about. Golddigger Girls, Supercars and overpriced Casino's everywhere. Beside ST taking photos I tried to mark all the places I got to with my stickers. Fun days there, noticed that Kleps was getting up mad. Dope!


After we were done there we took off to our next destination; the legal wall located at Impasse de Fuon,
La Trinité, France. The work there was really impressive, with pieces from Seher, Old Dirty Crew & Access. The spot itself wasn't the chillest spot I have painted on, to be honest. The ground wasn't flat at all, so my legs & ankles we're really exhausted at the end of the day, because of the 45 degrees extra bending. My paint rolled down all the time too, so I walked some extra miles, haha. One of my cans even broke on the rocks. A pity.

Other than the clumsiness on the spot, there was a good amount of French sun to be happy about. ST Photography made some hdr pictures of the work while in progress, and he also shot the end result. The blue is a 3d concept I've been working on in the past few weeks, and the Strawberry 3d really popped. Nice.


The next day we drove back north to Knokke-Heist in Belgium, for some sticker slapping and trading again. We visited the 'Gouden Hoed' cartoon festival, I might want to take place in the competition next year.. Who knows. It was a lovely trip overall!

PS: I've just noticed that we did hit the 15.000 views! Spread the love!



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