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Sep 24, 2014


School started 3 weeks ago, and with the redesigned schoolbuilding it's still a mess everywhere. Boxes with packed up stuff, whole unfinished rooms.. Teachers that cannot find their desired class, a lot of lost people.. But yeah, when I started in 1st grade I was exactly in the same condition, so I got no excuse to blame them. I just gotta live with that.

Last week Paul from Ropana joked about the staff at Park Medisch Centrum, they 'complained' about my paintings there. As curious as I am, I asked why they complained. Then Paul said; 'They wanted the new paintings to arrive, you got to make new ones!', and we laughed. Work had to be done! For the next canvas I really wanted to do something with the city Rotterdam, because that is where I live, work, and get educated. 'De Erasmusbrug', the mighty bridge over the river was a thing I always wanted to paint.. But I didn't want to get it done like it was done 1000 times before. That's why this canvas is done with stencils and spraypaint, so that's different. No markers, fun experience. That is why all its details are minimum; I've used only stencils and pieces of paper.

This piece will be displayed among the 'See Perspectives' works at Park Medisch Centrum soon! I will keep you guys updated!




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