Jan 13, 2015


First off.. we are already online and blogging for over 3 years (!). I've put so much time and effort into this page, that it really is a big thing for me. You can spot the difference in one blink, when you look at my artwork from 2012, and what I produce now. I made a lot of progress, and you guys followed that. Yesterday we hit the 25.000 pageviews, and it is going so well.. I really want to thank you guys for all of this. 2015 is going to be even better!

For this post, I made an graffiti alphabet in my own style. I have never made something like this before because it never fitted, and every time I tried to make an alphabet that was more complex than tagging, I ran out of space for the last line of letters.. This time I glued another paper underneath it, because I wanted this to finish.

I wanted to finish this alphabet, because I discovered this neat page on Instagram called The Style Trials. Every week, they post a new challenge. May it be a one word throw-up, only 1 letter in your style, whatever. Everybody can participate in the competition by using the hashtag #thestyletrials. This weeks challenge is an alphabet in your own style, go check it out!

Enjoy my entry for this graffiti competition.