May 31, 2015


Changing up a Bit

First off, the best wishes for crewmate Kermis.. Happy birthday buddy! Have a good one on me!

Today I went to Zuidland to take a look at Tober his new place. He recently moved in into an empty elementary school and things are really just starting up, so we had a little bit of furniture left to move in.. After, we got something to eat, and sat down for some sketching!

Tober always tells me, I have to try something different. And he's bloody right, because most of the time, I just start a sketch with all knowledge I already have; My usual style, colour choice 'n skeme.. Today I felt like going back to basics with my letterforms. To do so once in a couple of weeks just refreshes your vision.. Enjoy!


May 25, 2015


Update on the book! If I really felt funny today I could call this a 'monday is blackbook d-day', because sketching was the only thing on the program. Yesterday I've reorganized all of my drawing work and 1 thing is for sure; In the 6 years I've been writing I made a LOT of graffiti drawings. Whole books, full of oldschool styles. Inspiring.

With this sketch, I really wanted to turn all colors down and get them back together. Sometimes I make the mistake to 'overdo' the coloring.. Extra bubbles there, a gradient there. I've learned a lesson; Colors can give your work a real boost, but on the other side you can quickly overdo some of the details, and depower your piece. You gotta try to see it, I've made pictures of my work while it was really in control, and come back with some heavy color changes. You'll be able to see some things work, and some really don't.

Whilst the music tells you to not turn down at all, sometimes it is better to keep easy and clean. Enjoy.



May 17, 2015


Today I got a briefing for a logo design again. My brother ST, who loves photographing and is often shooting pictures for my website, is starting up a new blog with a couple of friends; Car Journalism. They are about to drop big news, reviews, videos and more, and they are meeting with some of the big brands already. Sounds promising.

I can't reveal much more about this ambitious project, the site is just in beta version as we speak right now.. But I have the chance to start profiling this website, before it is getting released. The logo exists of the short CJ, with a race-steering wheel hidden in the C. I decided to keep it monotone & tight as possible; same as the design made for ST Automotive Photography. This way the logo's could be combined at any moment, and they could be placed on whatever picture desired.

We want the header picture to be different every time you visit the webpage. We've found a solution within photoshop; We created a .psd file with a transparent background, so a new header picture can be dropped in, and can be exported easily. Making new content was never as easy as this!

The site is online now!

Visit the website at:

Seck Design

May 12, 2015


As I promised last week, thru the most crappy wifi spot in the desert of Egypt, here is part II on the flyer designs for Together with Vera, we organised the grand opening; and I grabbed the chance to make the promotion material, once again. The goal of this event is to get more customers to Planet Cake. With all of the new social media websites and internet ordering, a little shop like Planet Cake is likely to fail more easily. That is the reason why we are getting a new website up, making online ordering possible soon, creating a new corporate identity, and giving a new look.

With the supervision of our organiser Vera I made the design for the next A6 flyer. She would like a more business-like design. At the start I was designing the typical wedding cake, but we've changed that back to a shop window like 'cake vitrine', which really fitted better in our opinion. The other side is a photo made by Katrien, and this time we've added a stamp to make it more attractive to turn the flyer around.

Proud to add this second part!

EDIT: Link to this A6-mockup here.



May 4, 2015


I'm staying in Egypt till May 9, and this quick upload comes through the most crappy wi-fi I've had in years. But nonetheless, this hotel is paradise. Relaxing, eating, and having fun painting blackbook trains in the sun is the way to go.

Some of you may think, why did you upload this 'quickie' stuff again? Yeah the last time I did that was way back, and I'm trying to keep the Seck Design standards high. Don't be afraid to see this post deleted soon, because a new project is falling into place these days.. Part two of the journey! Stay live!