Jun 26, 2015


Yes, another design process post it is. Sometimes I feel like posting just a quick description of the end result, and sometimes I want do upload the steps & talk about the whole design process with all choices, different styles and so on, it depends on my mood. Today I want to take you guys on a journey, I hope you guys enjoy reading this, and maybe even learn from it.

Oh, and this stuff has been released on their Facebook page. Check it out and don't forget to like for further updates on techno, dubstep & dnb parties near Rotterdam. The opening is on the 17th of October 2015, at the Keileweg 8. 

End result, in a Facebook environment.

SWTCH - The briefing
The guy that gave me the opportunity to design for this SWTCH project is Jorrit, known for his DJ career under alias The High Class, but also for organizing parties such as Reggae *420* in the (still abandoned) Tropicana building in Rotterdam, and Bombaclad I/II in Pakhuis Meesteren, also based in Rotterdam. I saw him spin some dubstep and drum and bass before on a party somewhere, but I really got to know him when I had the opportunity to work on a project together.

So enough about the people, let's get started! As in every project, you start with the briefing. The part where you get to design a rough idea in your head, but have to listen closely to your client at the same time. Jorrit explained me about the idea: 'Me and a couple of friends are making a plan for a new club concept, 'SWTCH' (pronounced as 'switch'). We are mainly going to host electronic music parties, and we have a real love for the techno logo design. The colour we want to use as an accent color is blue.' Read it for yourself, these guys couldn't be more precise while telling their story. Awesome.

Text design ideas come first
Most of the time, I instantly get a design to pop up while hearing these business stories, but experience learned me that the first design isn't the best design. That's why I always feel uncomfortable while presenting a single design, so my tip to all of you is: Always present a minimum of 2 total different designs! These two should have at least 3 variations. This way you can really surprise your client, when you explain the choices you've made.

The first idea that came to mind while getting almost every briefing, is the text based one; as you guys see below. First off, getting a nice font with this idea is a must. I chose a sans serif font because it is a modern typefile, but remains stylish. I decided to 'switch up' these letters in a playful way.

First text designs
Between all other design work, keep twitching text and font stuff to decrease the density and increase unity, so it all fits together. Time learned me that my designs were too compact sometimes (especially when I get too hyped over a project, and with SWTCH it was likely to happen, haha)

The other design work you said? Yes, I always search for a symbol that fits my project. And as every club has a photo page with pictures from the previous events, I really felt there was need for a symbol, to put on pictures, coasters, flyers and so on.

Give the company a face
When making an symbol for whatever company you can imagine, I work on a trust basis. I have trust in a compact and simple, but efficient design. Within most logo work there is one rule that always remains true; 'Less is More', that is why I always fall back on the basic forms. Squares and circles got to be a designers best friends.

For the first round in the SWTCH project, I chose the circles to work with. 2 Circles could make an S, I discovered that while making one of the last graffiti blackbook sketches. I take out a quarter of both circles, and add them in a extra circle at first, just to check how it looks.

After that I played with some computer chip - like holes in the middle, and tossing and turning the pieces around at different angles. The different choices are born!

Part two on the symbol design
As I told you in the begin of the design process.. The first design isn't the best. After all I am really happy that Jorrit and the guys asked me to do something totally different, though it came a little bit as a disappointment at the moment. Try to stay friendly in this stage, it is business nonetheless! You just need the time to realize that this is an second opportunity, to do even better. That is a better view to continue the design process!

Most of the given pieces are the same in the second approach; We're aiming for a simple design, with the colour blue for attention, and because Rotterdam is a well-known city for its harbor. But this time I wanted to use an (techno) square for the basic forms. To 'SWTCH' things up again, I added a diagonal cut in the middle. At first I wanted to make a button (which could also be a switch), but after a quick coffee break which are really necessary sometimes, I realised that it looked like an S!

Oh graphics, you can let me feel wonderful haha. 

The last step with implementing the gradients, felt really good to pull off. Usually I think gradients decrease the power of a logo, but in some projects it fits in perfectly. After making this, the tweaking and twitching is still in full process. I choose to let go of the 'text switch' I did at the start, unless the logo is used without the symbol. It is all about unity.

That's it for this time. Give this a +1 on Google+ if you liked this type of posts, I might do more of these in the near future. And remember, 'Less is more' is the rule for logo work!

Keep on creating,
Seck Design


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