Jul 28, 2015

Blackbook Graffiti with a Dark Fill

Dark colours.. Most of the time they are used for outlines in my work, but not for fills. It remained sort of a mystery for me, after failing some approaches back in the day. Same for inlines, if they are white or whatever colour you can imagine; You've got to get the right letters for those effects. 

I tried to do both in this piece, once again. This time it is sort of 'presentable' in a way, but everything I upload on here has one thing in common; Its all improvable.

I've also uploaded a video of this sketch on my Instagram!



Jul 13, 2015


Today we went to a legal wall that (unfortunately) was totally new for me.. The NDSM werf in Amsterdam, Holland. If I knew this, I would have been here at least 10 times already; What an awesome spot. Together with Trem and Kermis from the crew, we got out on the road while it was still raining. Dutch summers aren't that good, it happens to be that if Mother Nature knows that you wanna paint, it is going to rain haha. We ended up lucky, because it cleared up a bit when we started our pieces, maybe because of the Australian guy Siloe we've met there. Big up!

Okay, back to the piece work. I've been practicing connected lettering for a while now, and as I'm trying to do something different lately, I made a quick sketch last night, and tried to get that on the wall. The fill is mostly latex-rolled, with a white 94 to also cover the deep spots. Mermaid blue for the outlines, and red and pink in the background. Note to myself: Even if your measurements and proportions aren't right, but your line and fill work is created with care, it doesn't look that bad. The proportions are something to practice for next pieces, though.

Enjoy and keep painting!



Jul 1, 2015


While its nighttime already, and I'm trying to catch some sleep, I couldn't resist a quick update. Been working on some new styles lately, and focusing on colour use, and total composition. This one is a bit inspired on the Back to the Future - eighties title screen. As I tried to get my lines as straight as possible, I realised that it isn't as easy as it looks.. Practice makes perfect. Bringing this to the wall soon; Definitely!


Comic book style practice - 2015