Aug 28, 2015

Graffiti in Zuidland, the Netherlands

A quick update from today, at Zuidland.. Time to paint some quick walls together with Tober, got to keep the legend alive. He will stop painting, due a complex medical condition.

Nevertheless, we picked up the spraypaint and made a quick 'Art route' through the village. Two pieces were the result. 

Fun fact is, I'm updating this post now in 2017 and the black one at the bottom of this post is still there; It has been 'sealed' with a fence placed in front. Nice :)

It's been a fun day!



Aug 25, 2015

Designing a Business Card for Car Journalism

I had the honor to create the Car Journalism logo a couple of months ago.. Now the website is released, and they are rising up. The banners are in full use so.. Time for some more promotion; Business Cards and Stickers are up next!

The stickers consist of a QR code, with the CJ logo beneath. Finished off with a nice glossy finish for outdoor sticker use. 

The business cards are also in black and white, and with the glossy finish. The big difference is here, that I've tried to keep a clean, essential look, so only text and a couple of little social media icons are added on the back side. The front side is more of an eye catcher, due to the negative color CJ symbol.

It is fun working with these guys, and they are surely going to get somewhere soon. Don't forget to check out their website!

Aug 24, 2015

Graffiti Sketch - 'The Double Fold' II

The sketch I've made last week is something new, something that I'm proud of, but there is always something I want to do different next time. The letter style, the outlines, background work, details.. In the piece from the last time my fill just lacks gradients.

That is why I dusted down my colour pencils for this sketch; To create a more leveled gradient. Some parts still contain the marker strokes, to increase the contrasts at the bending parts. I tried to combine the 3d with a red shadow, which ended up in a nice contrast touch for the whole sketch. Enjoy!



Aug 16, 2015

Sunday is Blackbook D-Day #13: The Double Fold

The Double Fold

I forgot to take my A3 blackbook home after a chilling session with a friend of mine.. Argh. In my town they only got the cheapo a4 blackbooks nearby & in stock, so I got to go with that. On the other side it is fun to be able to sketch in a smaller book again; It gives me the opportunity to make things more detailed, without being time consuming (read - taking more than a day).

This sunday I was bored, and full of inspiration again. Time to sketch something, it has been a while! As you guys know I'm trying to get more consistent pieces in my book, and keep them readable. Most of the #sketchsundays I just started with a letter, same as in this case. Don't try to overthink, just get the sketch done. Sometimes it is just a case of simplicity, that does the job.

Folds are taking the lead in my style development lately. It is a pity that when I add more effects, I automatically add more outlines. I try to let that go, so it will be more realistic on the wall. The 3d looks dope this way, don't you think? Give it a +1 on my Google+ page, if you like this sketch!



Aug 7, 2015

Customized Stunt Scooter - Jagar Graffiti

After a custom painted pair o' Vans, a cap and an Eastpak it is time to move on to something other than clothing.. A skate & stunt scooter my brother owned was yeah, pretty much reserved for a repaint. 

A new object comes with a new challenge, that is why I've decided to sand it before painting. This way I wanted to erase everything that was silicone or other paint killing based. After that we painted the base coat, which was done with MTN 94, and some pink dot caps.

After the 2 hours drying time, which was really necessary I knew due some mistakes I've made in the past, I put on some white lines to create the base outline of the letters. I was aiming for a 'hulk comic' style lettering, and if Marvel would add 1 element in every comic they make; It is something cracked up. With green I cracked up the whole bit. I also love the typical explosion clouds in comic books, so I gave a little twist to my purple bubbles. The end result is the picture below, & I will update this post as soon the video is done. Yo!


Custom Scooter - 'JAGAR' - 2015