Aug 25, 2015

Designing a Business Card for Car Journalism

I had the honor to create the Car Journalism logo a couple of months ago.. Now the website is released, and they are rising up. The banners are in full use so.. Time for some more promotion; Business Cards and Stickers are up next!

The stickers consist of a QR code, with the CJ logo beneath. Finished off with a nice glossy finish for outdoor sticker use. 

The business cards are also in black and white, and with the glossy finish. The big difference is here, that I've tried to keep a clean, essential look, so only text and a couple of little social media icons are added on the back side. The front side is more of an eye catcher, due to the negative color CJ symbol.

It is fun working with these guys, and they are surely going to get somewhere soon. Don't forget to check out their website!


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