Aug 7, 2015

Customized Stunt Scooter - Jagar Graffiti

After a custom painted pair o' Vans, a cap and an Eastpak it is time to move on to something other than clothing.. A skate & stunt scooter my brother owned was yeah, pretty much reserved for a repaint. 

A new object comes with a new challenge, that is why I've decided to sand it before painting. This way I wanted to erase everything that was silicone or other paint killing based. After that we painted the base coat, which was done with MTN 94, and some pink dot caps.

After the 2 hours drying time, which was really necessary I knew due some mistakes I've made in the past, I put on some white lines to create the base outline of the letters. I was aiming for a 'hulk comic' style lettering, and if Marvel would add 1 element in every comic they make; It is something cracked up. With green I cracked up the whole bit. I also love the typical explosion clouds in comic books, so I gave a little twist to my purple bubbles. The end result is the picture below, & I will update this post as soon the video is done. Yo!


Custom Scooter - 'JAGAR' - 2015


  1. SIck, those custom graphics are awesome. You should do a collab with one of the scooter brands

    1. Thanks man! I would love to do a graphic for one of those brands. Maybe, in the future...