Aug 16, 2015

Sunday is Blackbook D-Day #13: The Double Fold

The Double Fold

I forgot to take my A3 blackbook home after a chilling session with a friend of mine.. Argh. In my town they only got the cheapo a4 blackbooks nearby & in stock, so I got to go with that. On the other side it is fun to be able to sketch in a smaller book again; It gives me the opportunity to make things more detailed, without being time consuming (read - taking more than a day).

This sunday I was bored, and full of inspiration again. Time to sketch something, it has been a while! As you guys know I'm trying to get more consistent pieces in my book, and keep them readable. Most of the #sketchsundays I just started with a letter, same as in this case. Don't try to overthink, just get the sketch done. Sometimes it is just a case of simplicity, that does the job.

Folds are taking the lead in my style development lately. It is a pity that when I add more effects, I automatically add more outlines. I try to let that go, so it will be more realistic on the wall. The 3d looks dope this way, don't you think? Give it a +1 on my Google+ page, if you like this sketch!




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