Sep 22, 2015

Blackbook Graffiti - 3D Cubes

As the title suggests in this one; One of the first letter drawings I make, with a ruler in my basic drawing equipment, and the first drawing that is measured properly, instead of a freestyle. Together with the extensive use of pencils to create shadows, and the basic cubes, ropes and bubbles, this one is different from other pieces I've made.

To get an one of a kind style, I want to explore and try every single way. More to come!



Sep 17, 2015

How I Create my Graffiti Sketches - Step by Step

Autumn is approaching, so painting in the sun is fading away for this year..  I feel like doing a blackbook lettering one, like Gary MSK always does. His pieces are so clean! To show you guys the progress of this one, there is a animated gif below. Enjoy!



Sep 14, 2015

Graffiti Blackbook - Angry Cop

I've spend a lot of time with Jeanet lately, filling up my weekends with love. So much to do, many things on my mind. This way there's less time to get graffiti sketches and pieces done, but even I need some rest once in a while haha. 

I'll start off with a note to myself: Never use Stabilo Markers for the outlines of a sketch with a paint fill in. Those 2 will be interrupting eachother, without any warning!


'SHOW YA HANDS!' he yelled. - 2015

Sep 6, 2015

Sunday is Blackbook D-Day #14 - Laser Beam

Laser Beam

Quick update on the book, once again. Something to try on the wall is the background laserbeam / wave type of thing, otherwise it is just a freestyle with some effects I've used many times.. Ah I had a nice weekend, so why don't put this sketch up either? Enjoy!