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Oct 31, 2015

Graffiti - Seck and Fines in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

The Alkmaar Visit

The plan for the upcoming pieces is to search for a different place every time. I'm making a list soon, full of Halls of Fame in Holland and abroad.

This time I got tipped about a nice hof located in Alkmaar, Noord Holland. At the Victoriepark there is a big house that is legalized for painting. Together with Fines and my girl, we had a nice trip through the country. We had a lot of fun. And offcourse, we painted this chrome graffiti at the Victoriepark!

Extra pictures by Michael Volschow added! It was nice to meet you.



By Michael Volschow

By Michael Volschow

Oct 25, 2015

Futuristic Graffiti at Dordrecht

Normally I would upload a 'Sunday is blackbook D-Day' post today, but I wanted to do something different. Inspired by the iLoveSketches facebook page, which haves a certain album, for a collage type called 'from sketch to wall'. So what my girl and I've been up to today, is just that. Enjoy!

Seckie <3


Oct 23, 2015

Facebook Banner Design for Music Production Academy in Rotterdam

At the Music Production Academy internship, we made up a promotion plan together with Rick, OB and Michael. As you may have already seen the MPA Comics, they are also part of the plan to get our next project(s) more in the spotlights.

Like all business projects, MPA stands or falls with a good branding. I began with creating a pattern for the background, and with the other branding equipment from OB, and the plan Rick made, we got a steady banner scheme for the next months.

This post will be updated regularly with new elements and things.

Seck Design

Facebook post about the collaboration - MPA x Compass - 17th of October 2015

Facebook Banner - Loading Dialog Box
Facebook Banner - Creating the Network
Facebook Banner - MPA Connect Launch - 13th of november 2015
FL Studio Workshop ft. Sjoerd Huissoon - 3rd of December 2015
Facebook Event - Cubase Pro 8 Workshop - 10 December 2015
MPA - Black Friday - The MPA Guide
Dj Clinics - with Beau Zwart
Mastering Masterclass - with Tim van Doorne (Heroic Audio)
Open House banner - 25th of June 2016
Cubase Workshop - 19 May 2016
Oct 13, 2015

Weekly Comics for Music Production Academy

News from the internship front! This week, Michael challenges me to create something different without other members of MPA interrupting. Nah it isn't interrupting, but you know what I mean. Most of us Graphic Designers and Illustrators want one thing: that is total freedom to create the most perfect whatevers, possible. 

Together with the marketing member Rick, we came up with a totally new thing in the Music Industry; At the MPA Facebook page, we introduce the weekly Comic Column! Cheesy comics about the music industry, EDM, ADE, and the most known deejays and their current carreer changes.

Every week MPA drops a new comic drawing by me. I will update the post every week on Tuesday, so be here around 6 o'clock!

Seck Design

Searching for the Hi Hats - MPA Comic - 2015

Avicii taking it to another level.. - MPA Comic - 2015

Oct 11, 2015

Customize Tumblr Header - 'JEANGEZ' Lettering

The first time I created a Tumblr header. After a bit of google exploring together with my love, we found out what the perfect ratio for a Tumblr blog header is. Separate the white with a mask in Photoshop, and export it for web as a PNG. Easy as that.

The drawing was made with Uni Posca and Molotow markers. Just a quick sunday project!

Bigger picture on the JeanGez Tumblr itself:


Oct 5, 2015

Sunday is Blackbook D-Day #15: 3D Stuff

So this is the 15th anniversary for this series! With the start in 2012, I challenged myself to sketch or draw something every sunday.. That didn't work out, because I want to provide you guys just the best of my sketch book work. I did not really title this one, because its one that just popped into my head today. Enjoy!


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Oct 1, 2015

Graffiti Character Collaboration - Seck & Fines

The second time we visit the Mus & Muzen Dorpsacademie in Wilnis, past saturday. And once again, an opportunity to paint something crisp! Fines already did some preparation work, so we were ready to go, instantly. I chose the sketch from a week or 2 ago, Got to show my Hands, to be the example for my part of the collaboration.

The first time to actually paint a character next to my lettering. A bit strange at first, but when the base shadow coat was put on, it was a piece of cake. Jenneke has a big box full of blue teints, from a previous commission. I think the colors in this graffiti are the most balanced ones in my collaboration history, thanks to Mus & Muzen! More to come on the graffiti blog!


Thanks to Fines for the photos. Check out his YouTube Channel!