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Oct 1, 2015

Graffiti Character Collaboration - Seck & Fines

The second time we visit the Mus & Muzen Dorpsacademie in Wilnis, past saturday. And once again, an opportunity to paint something crisp! Fines already did some preparation work, so we were ready to go, instantly. I chose the sketch from a week or 2 ago, Got to show my Hands, to be the example for my part of the collaboration.

The first time to actually paint a character next to my lettering. A bit strange at first, but when the base shadow coat was put on, it was a piece of cake. Jenneke has a big box full of blue teints, from a previous commission. I think the colors in this graffiti are the most balanced ones in my collaboration history, thanks to Mus & Muzen! More to come on the graffiti blog!


Thanks to Fines for the photos. Check out his YouTube Channel!


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