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Oct 13, 2015

Weekly Comics for Music Production Academy

News from the internship front! This week, Michael challenges me to create something different without other members of MPA interrupting. Nah it isn't interrupting, but you know what I mean. Most of us Graphic Designers and Illustrators want one thing: that is total freedom to create the most perfect whatevers, possible. 

Together with the marketing member Rick, we came up with a totally new thing in the Music Industry; At the MPA Facebook page, we introduce the weekly Comic Column! Cheesy comics about the music industry, EDM, ADE, and the most known deejays and their current carreer changes.

Every week MPA drops a new comic drawing by me. I will update the post every week on Tuesday, so be here around 6 o'clock!

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Searching for the Hi Hats - MPA Comic - 2015

Avicii taking it to another level.. - MPA Comic - 2015


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