Nov 15, 2015

Blackbook Graffiti - Stay Strong Paris

A tragedy turned into a sketch

Today isn't what it had to be. I want to upload happy things on sunday, with the typical 'Sunday is Blackbook D-Day' posts. Update you guys on my progress. It didn't feel good, with the tragedy that took place in Paris past friday, in the back of my head.

As someone from Europe who has never been to Paris, you would think that it did not hit me. But those haunting scenes on national television, cannot be unseen. Facebook drenched in the French Flag.. This way I want to say I'm with all people in Paris. We will get through together. Stay strong! #prayforparis


#PrayForParis - Graffiti - November 2015

Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op


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