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Dec 27, 2016

Seck Design - Youtube Graffiti Compilation 2016

Time to make my debut in the Youtube World!

I made a promise to myself when this year started; Make every piece different. DIfferent style, different colour combination, whatever. Same artist, different graffiti. So everything you see in this video, is made by mev(Exept for those octopus characters made by my love <3).

This compilation is just that. Seckies most diverse graffiti pieces of 2016, in a slideshow. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! Comment & Subscribe!

All other pieces of 2016 can be found on

Music by Handbook ‘Take Me (Up High)’.
Handbooks Soundcloud:

Dec 21, 2016

Customize your Sixton Peak Workboots!

Got to write a quick little update for you guys. Its been a busy week once again, searching for work and anticipating to available work on the go. While getting to work yesterday by foot, I realised I really love my new Sixton Peak Montana safety boots. These boots are S3 certified and strong enough for the work I do, and I got to admit.. they almost feel like Nike's classic Air Force 1 High. And they are filled with wool, so they are perfect for the winter.

As it is one of the many things in my life, I couldn't resist to get a little paint on. These rather dull looking black boots could use something to stand out of the crowd, as you could say haha. So I've painted them with Molotow one-4-all markers, and did a 'waterproof spray' topcoat.

Note on the design side; My inspiration was coming from the older seamen costumes, with the fancy golden laces & patches everywhere. I like the kind of class and style people had back in those days!

See you guys soon again!

Seck Design

Dec 13, 2016

Graffiti at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

As the days get colder, it gets harder to keep the paint flowing. Many of the spray caps used got clogged in the process.. Ah, we all love winter huh?

Christmas is around the corner and that means busy days are coming.. So I want to wish you guys a merry christmas, and the best for 2017.


Dec 3, 2016

Wall Art at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

This one may be one of the last pieces of 2016.. Just a quick one, without hesitating about letterforms. More about the fun, less about the quality.

Got to admit that painting in the winter days is harder as I expected. Frostbite was on the wall so my paint didn't really want to cover. Meh.


Dec 1, 2016

Canvas for sale! - Trust Love & Believe now available in the shop

In these cold winter days, we all love to have some heartwarming phrases around, don't we? These 3 canvas boards are now for sale! All 3 are made with mixed materials on canvas, and are clearcoated. Ready to use for decoration!

About the canvases: I threw a bunch of different letterstyles on a plate, sliced them all up and... Combined those together. The base coat is done with spraypaint, and all letters were drawn freehand by Seck Design. The blue in the work stands for trust, red for love and white for believin'. The size of these boards is 24 x 30 cm.

These are available in the shop! Email me for more information at
Soon I'll place them in a (photo)frame. The blog will be updated with pictures!

Have a nice christmas y'all!


Trust, Love & Believe on canvas boards, 24 x 30 cm - 2016
Environmental pictures by ST Photography.

Environmental pictures by ST Photography.

Environmental pictures by ST Photography.

Nov 19, 2016

Graffiti made in 22 Minutes at Amersfoort, Holland

Quick one at Amersfoort last friday. Due to an business related trip, I got near Eemplein so.. Couldn't resist to do a quick piece. Chrome, no sketch, nothing special but; First time we've measured the time while painting. That's why this post is called '22 minutes' .


Nov 12, 2016

Instagram Graffiti Sketch Exchange with @heksr

Through his instagram page I got in touch with another Dutch upcoming writer, Heks. He definately has a fresh wind blowing through the scene, with his semi-square but still flowing style.

When he asked for an exchange, I was instantly hooked. It came out really well. Thanks to @madheksr!


Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op

Nov 10, 2016

New video available on Youtube - Graffiti Versus Graphic Design

Enjoy my new video on youtube, 'Graphic Design versus Graffiti'!

Video shot by JeanGez and ST Photography, editing by Seckie.

Music: Mos Def - Respirations (Instrumental)

Nov 3, 2016

Graffiti Sketch - TYPOGRAPHY #4

After a really long summer (for Dutch standards), the weather is becoming less sunny and more rainy unfortunately. That means one thing, back to the drawing table!

I've made a new typography sketch yesterday evening. Only stabilo pens and a semi-permanent marker were used.. I got to go get some new Posca and Molotow markers, ugh. What I really liked about this sketch was the C part, which contains in total 4 C's overlapping. Oh, and the colors are balanced i think.

What do you guys think? Comment!


Oct 28, 2016

Sausage shaped letters - Graffiti in Rotterdam

Rainy weather didn't keep me at home today! New piece at Capelsebrug subway station, some sort of pink, sausage like, monster piece haha.. Enjoy!


Oct 23, 2016

Graffiti at Capelsebrug, Capelle a/d ijssel - Back to School

The weekend has passed, and nobody was able to paint with me.. Meh. But the Capelsebrug spot in Rotterdam was itching in my mind, and with a nice lettering sketch made, together with the cans from the visit to Den Haag (thanks to SuitupShop!), I got out to paint something new.

About the artwork, the name came to mind because the holidays are over, schools are starting again. Also, the letters are inspired by those typical 'learn to write' letters. I've done my best to execute the piece as clean as possible. Sketch to wall picture below.


Oct 18, 2016

Chrome Graffiti at Binckhorstlaan, Den Haag

The weather was shitty today, but we still went to paint. Together with Aker from Leiden we first got new spray tools at SuitUp Shop, thanks for having us guys!
About the piece; just a chrome fill with the typical style, nothing fancy. Tried some new tools: Ironlak Sugar and Flame Blue spraycans. Both really nice to work with.


Oct 17, 2016

Connected Graffiti at Capelsebrug

New graffiti it is. Fairly quick for my standards (+/- 2 hours). Just a piece to get rid of my scrap cans / leftovers in the shed. Our destination for tomorrow is the Leiden area, together with Aker! Already sketched for that one, sketch could be found on Instagram. Stay tuned!


Oct 11, 2016

Livepainting Graffiti at 'Kunst Op Je Kanis' 2016

The 8th of october: Not only my birthday, but also the day that we got out to paint something in Crooswijkerzand, for the 'Kunst op je Kanis' livepainting session. Together with Lastplak, Easy173, Jeroen Maasdam and a couple of others we made some dope stuff to hang around. Thanks to Ivo for organising everything! Pictures by Akbar Simonse, nice to meet you :)

More pictures by Akbar on this page.


Picture by Akbar Simonse

Oct 7, 2016

Graffiti for Groenendijk PGN

This week I enjoyed the very last days of nice weather for this year, so I think this is one of the last pieces for a while.. Meh.

Nonetheless this was a good opportunity to learn. Not only the different letter combination PGN, but also style building and, tho I didn't really 'thought about' painting wood (I previously just did a piece) I wanted to get it done really professional this time; To showcase my skills.

So I started with cleaning & sanding, and dusting the thing off. After that put a latex coat on, and another one. Painted the piece when the latex was dry to the touch, and let the thing rest over night. I even did a varnish coat with a roller. It all came together.

Now on to the piece; Aqua blue, with red outlines and 3 (!) shadows. I really am proud of the fact that this is connected lettering, but it is still something not too ugly. Connected lettering isn't my best skill haha.


Oct 3, 2016 Stickers now available!

New promotional stickers for the website. Just as a give away, or to paste around in unexplored places. Limited stock available, if this is a success I will print some more.

The first victim: My Kia Rio. Picture by ST Photography.


Sep 24, 2016

Graffiti for Groenendijk PGN

A piece on multiplex for PGN Groenendijk Bouw. A good exercise for clean working due to the dimensions of the plate, and the first time that I clearcoated a piece. Got a lot of good feedback from the audience. Fun to do!


Sep 13, 2016

Leather Business Card Design - Pahana

New business card design for Pahana Design, a start up designing leather products. Clean design at the front side, with a logo based on the cardinal direction 'Pahana' symbol. Brown with a little touch of red in the background.

On the other side there is a little stitch to be seen at the left of the business card, which is based on the typical leather stitching, often to be seen in car seats. Text is aligned right to keep it readable and simple to navigate through.

Thanks to Pahana!


Picture by Jordy Zijlmans

Sep 3, 2016

Digital Interface Graffiti at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

New mural from today! The idea is coming from the Adobe Illustrator interface, so you could call it another 'prototype style'.. Graphic Design meets graffiti! A little stencil - cheating involved at the blue cubes though.

Also, I am really underdeveloped as it comes to connected typography like this.. But it is improving, just have to got to do it more often. Next time, the K needs work. Got to be on the same heightline as the SEC.



Aug 28, 2016

Graffiti at Capelle Schollevaar - Old Skool

Today our aim was to go to the only place near Rotterdam that we haven't visited yet; Capelle Schollevaar. A really nice wall facing the Burgemeester van Beresteijnlaan. The little flaws are not really noticeable when looking at the really smooth surface, but the wall can be painted only at the road side (because it is mounted to a fence), and at the end of the day the sun is coming from behind your piece, so you will be finding a lot of sunglare in the pics.

A more expressionistic style today. No repainting linework, no cutting edges. Only the things that came to mind at the right time. Enjoy!


Aug 19, 2016

Quick Chrome Graffiti Bombing - Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

New days, new styles - It is starting to be my new motto. Did you guys notice I changed the little 'slogan' on top of the site to that?

Today I went together with my stepbro to Capelsebrug once again. What a lovely place. Just something quick, chrome fill, black outline and a little red.. Classic combination. I just needed to paint again. Little shout to the man Seats, really gotta drop one with that guy.


Aug 17, 2016 Battle Sketch - Magic

I wanted to do another word once again, so I decided to join a battle. After a quick google search I came along, a really nice sort of social media website on which you could upload sketches, walls and more on your account, available for the other members to see.

They also do a battleword every month or so. To join the word to sketch was 'MAGIC'. Submission can be found here soon. Enjoy!


Aug 14, 2016

Summer Vibe Graffiti in Rotterdam

A good day once again, after a looong week. Car broke down on friday, so we got on the bike with our spraycans and latex. Capelsebrug was the easiest place to get to, but even that was a full hour of biking.. A pity there is nothing in the area here.

Finally met the king spotter of Rotterdam, the one and only OerendHard1. Also had a quick talk with a guy I knew from Instagram @streetartbyseats, and offcourse painted a piece together with my Blob next to the copper piece from past monday.


Aug 8, 2016

Copper Graffiti in Rotterdam

A quick burner to get the week started. Copper colours this time, because otherwise they would be standing in the shed forever, haha. Based on this sketch. With a little shout to my bro Aker.


Aug 2, 2016

Pokémon Graffiti by Seck Design

New piece feat. the Aker today, at the Binckhorst, Den Haag. Got to go with the hype sometimes, and if there is something that is getting headlines in the news lately, it has to be Pokémon Go.

Always fun to do something more branding style!

Den Haag Graffiti
Jul 26, 2016

Graffiti Sketch - Groenendijk PGN

A new graffiti sketch I've made as a business present. This time it is for PGN Groenendijk, a construction company I have the chance to work with. I think leaving something like this at an office is something I should be doing more often! 

Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op
Jul 14, 2016

Graffiti 'Wonka Zebra' by Seck in Rotterdam

One week later, and a new concept piece together with the blob. This time nature was the inspiration for the fill; Zebra stripes all over. My girl thought of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when seeing this color scheme, so that is why we've called it 'Wonka Zebra'.

Kept those zebra stripes flowing through every element of the letter.



Jul 9, 2016

Sunset Graffiti in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Hello there! I've been busy with a lot of (non-graphical) work lately, so I had to search for spare time, which is barely enough time to get decent sleep.. But today the sun was shining, I got a new idea sketched out and we were off to go!

A new piece at Capelsebrug, in a new 'reflective' style. Enjoy!


Jul 2, 2016

How I did the Branding Design for the Music Production Academy

Long time no see guys. I've been a busy guy, with new stuff for the Music Production Academy and a lot more. My focus is more on Graphic Design than drawings lately.

I have the honour to call myself a part of the MPA team from now on. Good news! There is coming much more material from this collaboration. After a diploma design, business cards, facebook banners, a book is being in the making together with new posters, flyers and a lot more.

Pictures below. I am available for commision work, to contact me visit this page or click the tab above :)

Nio, from Seck Design