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Jan 18, 2016

Free Font Download! 'Cubik Regular' 2016

Seck Design proudly presents... Cubik!

At this exact moment when I am writing this post, we only have a little less than 500 pageviews left to hit the 50.000. As usual, I want to give you some sort of present. This time it is the Cubik Regular font I've made, available for download from 1001Fonts, Dafont and FontSpace!

Artwork by Jordy van Domselaar

The Font
The story behind the name of this font, is pretty obvious really.. Cubik is made out of the basic building blocks to create letters, created with circles, triangles and of course, cubes.

Free download!

The font has a capital letter set, the digits 0-9, an exclam, peroid, questionmark, comma, and hyphen. Perfect for typographical posters, or other graphic design illustrations!

All characters


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