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Feb 23, 2016

Graffiti on Wood in Zuidland

A quick silver piece that I've painted today. I wanted to take it easy today but the weather was nice, and schools off.. Off to Zuidland, to paint this one at Tober's place.



It has been more than a month since the last Graphic Design update.. So I'm kinda proud to upload a new business card.

I've did some work for Shipwrecked in the past, but Jordy got a new logo design done. Really refreshing, but that means there got to be a new business card. We decided that the logo came out best in the portrait version, so we got it printed that way. Enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Shipwrecked Audio website!


Click for a HQ picture!

Feb 22, 2016


UC - Day it was! We've been to Antwerp today, to spot some pieces at 'Antwerpen Centraal'. What a spot to take pictures of train pieces, amazing.

After, we went walking through Antwerp to the 'Park Spoor Noord' spot. There is a nice hall of fame located under the park bridge. I did a quick experimental piece there. Could have been better with some outlines tho.. Enjoy!


Feb 18, 2016


Quick update, I've been to a screen-print workshop today. Big thanks to the Mesh Print Club and the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, who gave me this awesome opportunity. Decided to upload this, because it is something different than I normally do:

First off, I sketched the spray can and cut it out to make the stencil out of it. After that we printed it on a cotton bag, by placing the stencil underneath the screen. At home further details were added with Uni Posca / Molotow paintmarkers.

The Finished Product - 'Express Yourself' 2016

The fresh Screen print

Feb 15, 2016

Blackbook Graffiti - TYPOGRAPHY #3

The blackbook adventure continues, another sketch in typography style! This time, I combined the styles of the Border Patrol sketches, with this new style. The c is based on the Comic Sans typeface, but it didn't come out like that. 

Also, I think the red is too flourish. Maybe I should use a lighter background color next time?


Feb 11, 2016

Illuminati Graffiti in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam

New quick piece at Tussenwater, Hoogvliet, Rotterdam. Replaced the E in my piece with an illuminati Triangle, like the result. Maybe I could try other 'letter replacements' in the future. 


Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op
Feb 8, 2016

Blackbook Graffiti - the See-Through Sketch

Proud to show you guys my new idea! Maybe this will inspire some of you guys. I wanted to upload this as a 'Sunday is bb D-day' post, but because it is Monday already.. Nah never mind.
Click for a bigger picture!

I landed in a sort of gap, in which I just depend on the color combinations I already did, instead of exploring new combinations in my blackbook. I am trying to get into the realistic 3d stuff, and made a little sketch with depth before, but it didn't really feel 3d ish.
Cut the insides out

I realised that was because of the 'infinite depth' in the piece; I can rather add little 'walls' inside the letters. So I decided to trace it & color it once again. After I was done with that, I've cut the 'bottoms' out of the piece. 

This way you can easily hold it against whatever pattern / landscape / design you come across, and snap a picture so you can paint it later on. Easy, isn't it? 

Hope this will inspire you guys!