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Feb 8, 2016

Blackbook Graffiti - the See-Through Sketch

Proud to show you guys my new idea! Maybe this will inspire some of you guys. I wanted to upload this as a 'Sunday is bb D-day' post, but because it is Monday already.. Nah never mind.
Click for a bigger picture!

I landed in a sort of gap, in which I just depend on the color combinations I already did, instead of exploring new combinations in my blackbook. I am trying to get into the realistic 3d stuff, and made a little sketch with depth before, but it didn't really feel 3d ish.
Cut the insides out

I realised that was because of the 'infinite depth' in the piece; I can rather add little 'walls' inside the letters. So I decided to trace it & color it once again. After I was done with that, I've cut the 'bottoms' out of the piece. 

This way you can easily hold it against whatever pattern / landscape / design you come across, and snap a picture so you can paint it later on. Easy, isn't it? 

Hope this will inspire you guys!