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Mar 30, 2016

3D Glasses are needed for this Graffiti

A new piece, and this time in 3d.. But not how you would expect it! I tried to extract the 3 colours in a screen that make up white;  Red, Green and Blue, to create some sort of 'distorted vision' effect. Something to build out further in the next pieces!


Picture by Daan

Mar 27, 2016

Party Banner Design - 420 Reggae Rotterdam

I have the honour to design a quick banner design for the third edition of 420 Reggae, in RAAF Rotterdam. To be updated soon with the right times, and a timetable.


Mar 25, 2016

Typographic Sketch for Tober

A new typography sketch for my friend Tober. Nothing much to say about this one, exept that my R is inspired on the collaboration with Aker.


Mar 15, 2016

Watermark Graffiti Sketch - Seck

Proud to present you guys the second 'Transparent Sketch'!
In this series I want to create blackbook pieces which contain elements from real life. I want to get deeper into the realistic stuff on the wall. The last part was about real transparency, and in this work an external light source plays an essential role.

What I have done is fairly simple if you think about it. I took a thick piece of paper, drew the outlines of the E and K which I cut out, as you can see below:

After that, I took another more thin piece of (inkjet printer) paper, and I drew the other two letters on like this:

When you combine these two pieces of paper and put a lightsource behind it, the result is pretty fascinating. I hope this technique will bring me further into this designing process, and maybe inspire one of you guys. Next up, is a sketch more three dimensional or something.. Keep an eye on the SeckDesign blog. Enjoy!

Mar 10, 2016

Seck - Typography Wall in Leiden

Spend the day together with Aker & Teksr. We went to the Pesthuistunnel @ Leiden, to paint the second typography wall. A pity the paint is so freakin' expensive at Nicolaas. Also, do not go there (and try to paint the wall) with latex paint. To get the paint to stick everywhere is a real fight, so just buy extra spraypaint specially for the background or go paint elsewhere.

On the positive vibe side, this is the collabo between me and Aker. Really dope how I decided to make a sketch beforehand, and he just freestyled the whole thing. Bigup.
Pictures below.


From Sketch to Wall
Side view is even better!
Another picture

Mar 7, 2016


We've been to a new spot today, located at Den Haag. Together with Tober we did 2 rollers, and I did a quick piece. Enjoy!


Picture by Akbar - Binckhorst 2016

One of the TOBER rollers

Mar 5, 2016


Together with my love we got out today, to paint the Prinsenpark spot in Rotterdam once again. A big wall, and woah, we painted some meters! 

Nothing much to say, except for the size. It is the most massive piece I've ever painted, we were able to see it all the way from the other side of Prinsenpark. Thanks to Jeanet for filling <3


Prinsenpark 2016 - First roller