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Apr 25, 2016

Seck - Typography Wall at Barendrecht, The Netherlands

The third part of the typography wall is here! More of a temporary one, because it took place in a new office.. Cover up was today, less than 24 hours after finishing the work.

No sweat though, because the whole process was filmed by my love Jeanet Gezmen and ST CarPhotos. The edit is coming soon, same as another nice treat for you guys. Looking for someone who is down to edit the whole thing right now, I'll add the process video soon!


High resolution picture - Click for bigger version!
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Apr 21, 2016

Scrap Can Graffiti at Tussenwater, Hoogvliet

Spring is back in town! A nice warm day, and I didn't paint in a while; that only means one thing. So I got off as a one man army to the Tussenwater HOF, Hoogvliet.

As this was a scrapcan piece, I didn't have a sketch beforehand.. Only a good idea ;)


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Apr 18, 2016

Sunday is Blackbook D-Day #19 - Typography Burst

Technically it is Monday already.. meh. But I didn't want to let this sketch pass the 'sunday is blackbook day' tag. It is the most suprising color pop I have experienced since a long time, because I never use green and blue to be the fill at the same time in a sketch.

Also, the K is a really nice experiment. Kinda looks like some sorta western theme with that fill. Worth trying on the wall I say!


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Apr 12, 2016

Graffiti Blackbook Piece, the Split

Quick update to you guys. New graffiti sketch I made which I totally want to paint somewhere in the near future. I think there is a lot of potential in this sketch. Should I develop this further?

Someone in the Netherlands who wants to collab on this?


Apr 10, 2016

Seck - Graffiti Inspired by Fonts

Today my girl and I went to the Alphen aan den Rijn Hall of Fame the Netherlands, to do a collabo with the famous infamous Teksr!

Everybody knows at least 1 logo with a secret meaning in the negative space of the letters. FedEx has an arrow between the E and X for example. Formula 1 has an whole digit in negative. That was the inspiration for this piece.

I tried to create as most negative space as possible, and form these into letters. This way two of the letters are more in front than the others.

Thanks to JeanGez for the pictures.

Apr 4, 2016

Diploma Design - Music Production Academy

Due to exams and a busy school period, my freelance graphic design work has been in a lower state lately. Mostly banners were created, a few uploaded here. My graffiti sketching has been a point of interest lately; Due to a loosened up school schedule, I have a lot of spare time to fill with hobby work. Painting twice a week it is. 

Me and the Music Production Academy still had a mighty project going on in the background, though: the MPA Certificates and Diploma's. A nice way to implement my MPA Pattern! 

Another nice touch is the icon on the top; Made by me. Through the process the MPA team gave me some really good constructive feedback, to even make it better. That's what I call a 'pleasant work relationship'. Thank you guys!

Apr 3, 2016

Circle Graffiti at Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

Another piece with the focus on the symmetry. This time I created my 4 letters out of 4 circles. First off, I tried to sketch my idea. After three tries, I realised that it could be done easier; In illustrator.

After that, my girlfriend and me went on to Groenewoud skate park at Spijkenisse to paint this piece. To create the circles I knotted a wire around my spray can, hold one side of the wire against the wall and spray around that spot, while keeping the wire under tension. Good trick, thanks to Tober! Everything afterwards was done freehand.


Retraced the sketch in Adobe Ai, for better symmetry.
End result at Spijkenisse.
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