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May 27, 2016

Graffiti at Zuiderpark, The Hague - 3D Throw Up

A new piece today together with Aker, at Zuiderpark Den Haag. Together with my girl we went off to the Zuiderpark, it was a bit of a struggle to find the HOF at first, but.. Made a new friend there, and dropped a nice new concept piece.

Seck x Aker - Zuiderpark 2016

About the piece, I wanted to do something like the distorted piece in Alphen from last March, but a little less simple. I didn't want to make it too complicated, thats why I tried a throw up style. I took a picture of the sketch, took it to photoshop and 'shifted' it with a blue and red side.

The Photoshopped sketch.

I tried to recreate those lines pictured above as perfectly as possible, but even without perfect executed lines the effect is nicely visible from a distance. More on the details and other pictures below. 


Detail on the Zuiderpark works.

The Full Collaboration

May 26, 2016

Graffiti Collaboration - Seck and Sugar at Rotterdam

A new collabo done in the sun today. Fairly simple on my side, just trying to execute the lines as clean as possible. Sugar is fairly new to the game, and I'm always trying to help the new guys out. Fun day!


Seck @ Capelsebrug 2016 - Picture by Oerend Hard

The Full Collaboration.

Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op
May 23, 2016

Graffiti at Overschie, Rotterdam

New graffiti piece at Overschie today. A whole lot of new paint from was delivered, and new paint means new pieces.  Enjoy this new one, character by my love.

I fell back to the base forms with this piece; Circles, Triangles and Squares where the focus.


Overschie 2016 - Picture by Oerend Hard

May 19, 2016

Scrap Can Graffiti - 'Stick Together' at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

You could know where the name is coming from.. All the letters are sort of 'molten together' inspired by pieces from Gary for example. Super well executed, and fairly simple.

Keeping it simple wasn't as easy as it would be when we have enough paint. After ordering some new stuff, we searched for all our scrap cans, and got out to empty those bastards. Character by my love.


May 14, 2016

Custom Graffiti Canvas Painting for Rocks van de Rots

The beat inspired canvas painting

A really inspiring week it is, once again. Rocks van de Rots, experimental hiphop producer as he calls himself on Instagram (and hell yeah he is!) is following me for quite a long time already. Always positive and with a mind on the future, he told me I was one out of 5 totally different artists to make something to hang around in the studio.

When I got there to 'inspect the wall' and decide what sort of medium was best to hang there, Rocks told me what the inspiration for this work had to be; His new EP, which is coming soon. The artwork is displayed underneath, see for yourself if you feel the vibes I painted! The size is 80 x 60 cm.

Rocks van de Rots' Soundcloud:

Inspire, and get inspired!


May 8, 2016

Seck - Typography Wall at Boxtel, the Netherlands

Some sort of experimental trip once again. While the petrol bills are getting more and more expensive, I got on the car with my latex pots and spraycans to a Hall of Fame I've never been to before; Boxtel. A whole lotta crazy walls with June, Dims, Venom and more.

On to the wall part. Not the best wall I have ever done, I think I got too crazy with the latex. Some of the paint started to blend. Got to get some new spray cans soon, so I can get back to sharp lines again.


May 3, 2016

Seck - Typography Wall at Eemplein, Amersfoort

Because schools paused for two weeks, I got time to paint; a lot. Thats why when I got my hands on a new pot of white latex paint, I mixed two new colors; a turquoise light blue, and a orange/pink Danoontje tint haha. 

Amersfoort isn't an 'around-the-corner' spot; After an one hour trip over 100 kilometers, I started to hope the spot was worth the trip. But hell yeah it was. Quite some high end pieces on Eemplein. Together with Akser I did a new typography wall there, and we used the latex for fill and background. Enjoy!


TYPOGRAPHY WALL - Amersfoort 2016

Akser x Seck 2016

Close up

May 2, 2016

Octopus Graffiti at Tussenwater, Rotterdam

Hmm.. 2 days of painting in a row, and the first one isn't worth mentioning haha. Today my girl and I got out to do some new chrome damage at the HOF Tussenwater. Character by her, don't be suprised to see more of her soon!  This is her second piece.. Thats what we call talent :)

Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op
May 1, 2016

Now for sale! The new Seck Design 'Paint the way you Print' T Shirts

As you may have spotted, I have a new slogan on top of the website; 'Paint the way you Print'. Because that is basically what I do; I like to have every line as crisp as possible when I paint / sketch something. I try to get most of my inspiration from typefaces, and other graphic design works.

With this new slogan, I made an illustration and uploaded it to my new SpreadShirt-Shop about a week ago. But I am not the guy to just go out and promote this new design printed by a third party, without testing the quality of the shirts with my own hands.

That is why I've decided to wait, and upload this in a new 'review' type of post. I will add my opinion after wearing in a couple of weeks. Pictures below, thanks to Alex Eduarda for being my model and Jeanet Gezmen for the pictures!

All the shirts, including the Graffiti King shirt from 2013 can be found here: