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May 14, 2016

Custom Graffiti Canvas Painting for Rocks van de Rots

The beat inspired canvas painting

A really inspiring week it is, once again. Rocks van de Rots, experimental hiphop producer as he calls himself on Instagram (and hell yeah he is!) is following me for quite a long time already. Always positive and with a mind on the future, he told me I was one out of 5 totally different artists to make something to hang around in the studio.

When I got there to 'inspect the wall' and decide what sort of medium was best to hang there, Rocks told me what the inspiration for this work had to be; His new EP, which is coming soon. The artwork is displayed underneath, see for yourself if you feel the vibes I painted! The size is 80 x 60 cm.

Rocks van de Rots' Soundcloud:

Inspire, and get inspired!



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