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May 1, 2016

Now for sale! The new Seck Design 'Paint the way you Print' T Shirts

As you may have spotted, I have a new slogan on top of the website; 'Paint the way you Print'. Because that is basically what I do; I like to have every line as crisp as possible when I paint / sketch something. I try to get most of my inspiration from typefaces, and other graphic design works.

With this new slogan, I made an illustration and uploaded it to my new SpreadShirt-Shop about a week ago. But I am not the guy to just go out and promote this new design printed by a third party, without testing the quality of the shirts with my own hands.

That is why I've decided to wait, and upload this in a new 'review' type of post. I will add my opinion after wearing in a couple of weeks. Pictures below, thanks to Alex Eduarda for being my model and Jeanet Gezmen for the pictures!

All the shirts, including the Graffiti King shirt from 2013 can be found here:


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