Jun 19, 2016

Sunday is Blackbook D-Day #20 - Bubble Letters

New sketch done today! Practicing my shadows with these 'bubble letters'. Pencils and markers were used. Enjoy!


High Quality Picture

Jun 10, 2016

Linear Graffiti Piece at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

Quick piece at Capelsebrug today, together with my girl. Tried to do something really sharp, but the background could be better. Have to practice those 'galaxy' things..

The gradient worked out dope this time, better as the last one at Katwijk.


Graffiti inspired by Serif Fonts

Schools finished, I've graduated at the Grafisch Lyceum based in Rotterdam. I am able to call myself a real Graphic Designer from now on, hehe. Got a lot to do to get my own business running, and after Step in the Arena in Eindhoven last week there is not that much time left to paint. 

That's why my sketchbook was the most easy choice today. Didn't get too wild with this one though. Enjoy.


PS: over 80.000 pageviews! Thanks everybody. :)

Jun 7, 2016

Logo Design - Ropana.nl

This post is about a restyle I've done for Ropana.nl. Ropana is a company based in the Rotterdam region who creates a safe environment to work in. Their slogan is 'Veiligheid & Toezicht', which translates to 'Safety & Supervision'. The company frequently works with the RET, the company who is responsible for the Rotterdam Subway net.

With this in mind I started restyling the logo, as pictured below. My aim is to use an emblem for this logo; Because the old logo design didn't have one, and also to create a recognisable branding. If there is one thing the supervising people in this business are famous for, it would be their safety vest. In combination with a more fitting font and a little safety badge, the new logo is made.

Old logo versus the new.
A couple of different set ups to illustrate some possibilities.

Jun 2, 2016

Seck - Typography Wall at Katwijk

As you guys may have seen on my instagram, I made a new sketch for the next 'typography wall' concept. After mixing up a new bucket of green latex paint, we got out to the Hall of Fame that I really wanted to paint; Katwijk at sea. Loving the weather there, it wasn't that warm, but a salty breeze gave me those summer vibes though. Note to self: Got to practice the gradient part on the K haha.

WIP picture by Studio Harmse.


End Result - Katwijk aan Zee - 2016

Work in Progress - Picture by Studio Harmse