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Aug 28, 2016

Graffiti at Capelle Schollevaar - Old Skool

Today our aim was to go to the only place near Rotterdam that we haven't visited yet; Capelle Schollevaar. A really nice wall facing the Burgemeester van Beresteijnlaan. The little flaws are not really noticeable when looking at the really smooth surface, but the wall can be painted only at the road side (because it is mounted to a fence), and at the end of the day the sun is coming from behind your piece, so you will be finding a lot of sunglare in the pics.

A more expressionistic style today. No repainting linework, no cutting edges. Only the things that came to mind at the right time. Enjoy!


Aug 19, 2016

Quick Chrome Graffiti Bombing - Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

New days, new styles - It is starting to be my new motto. Did you guys notice I changed the little 'slogan' on top of the site to that?

Today I went together with my stepbro to Capelsebrug once again. What a lovely place. Just something quick, chrome fill, black outline and a little red.. Classic combination. I just needed to paint again. Little shout to the man Seats, really gotta drop one with that guy.


Aug 17, 2016 Battle Sketch - Magic

I wanted to do another word once again, so I decided to join a battle. After a quick google search I came along, a really nice sort of social media website on which you could upload sketches, walls and more on your account, available for the other members to see.

They also do a battleword every month or so. To join the word to sketch was 'MAGIC'. Submission can be found here soon. Enjoy!


Aug 14, 2016

Summer Vibe Graffiti in Rotterdam

A good day once again, after a looong week. Car broke down on friday, so we got on the bike with our spraycans and latex. Capelsebrug was the easiest place to get to, but even that was a full hour of biking.. A pity there is nothing in the area here.

Finally met the king spotter of Rotterdam, the one and only OerendHard1. Also had a quick talk with a guy I knew from Instagram @streetartbyseats, and offcourse painted a piece together with my Blob next to the copper piece from past monday.


Aug 8, 2016

Copper Graffiti in Rotterdam

A quick burner to get the week started. Copper colours this time, because otherwise they would be standing in the shed forever, haha. Based on this sketch. With a little shout to my bro Aker.


Aug 2, 2016

Pokémon Graffiti by Seck Design

New piece feat. the Aker today, at the Binckhorst, Den Haag. Got to go with the hype sometimes, and if there is something that is getting headlines in the news lately, it has to be Pokémon Go.

Always fun to do something more branding style!

Den Haag Graffiti