Sep 24, 2016

Graffiti for Groenendijk PGN

A piece on multiplex for PGN Groenendijk Bouw. A good exercise for clean working due to the dimensions of the plate, and the first time that I clearcoated a piece. Got a lot of good feedback from the audience. Fun to do!


Sep 13, 2016

Leather Business Card Design - Pahana

New business card design for Pahana Design, a start up designing leather products. Clean design at the front side, with a logo based on the cardinal direction 'Pahana' symbol. Brown with a little touch of red in the background.

On the other side there is a little stitch to be seen at the left of the business card, which is based on the typical leather stitching, often to be seen in car seats. Text is aligned right to keep it readable and simple to navigate through.

Thanks to Pahana!


Picture by Jordy Zijlmans

Sep 3, 2016

Digital Interface Graffiti at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

New mural from today! The idea is coming from the Adobe Illustrator interface, so you could call it another 'prototype style'.. Graphic Design meets graffiti! A little stencil - cheating involved at the blue cubes though.

Also, I am really underdeveloped as it comes to connected typography like this.. But it is improving, just have to got to do it more often. Next time, the K needs work. Got to be on the same heightline as the SEC.