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Oct 28, 2016

Sausage shaped letters - Graffiti in Rotterdam

Rainy weather didn't keep me at home today! New piece at Capelsebrug subway station, some sort of pink, sausage like, monster piece haha.. Enjoy!


Oct 23, 2016

Graffiti at Capelsebrug, Capelle a/d ijssel - Back to School

The weekend has passed, and nobody was able to paint with me.. Meh. But the Capelsebrug spot in Rotterdam was itching in my mind, and with a nice lettering sketch made, together with the cans from the visit to Den Haag (thanks to SuitupShop!), I got out to paint something new.

About the artwork, the name came to mind because the holidays are over, schools are starting again. Also, the letters are inspired by those typical 'learn to write' letters. I've done my best to execute the piece as clean as possible. Sketch to wall picture below.


Oct 18, 2016

Chrome Graffiti at Binckhorstlaan, Den Haag

The weather was shitty today, but we still went to paint. Together with Aker from Leiden we first got new spray tools at SuitUp Shop, thanks for having us guys!
About the piece; just a chrome fill with the typical style, nothing fancy. Tried some new tools: Ironlak Sugar and Flame Blue spraycans. Both really nice to work with.


Oct 17, 2016

Connected Graffiti at Capelsebrug

New graffiti it is. Fairly quick for my standards (+/- 2 hours). Just a piece to get rid of my scrap cans / leftovers in the shed. Our destination for tomorrow is the Leiden area, together with Aker! Already sketched for that one, sketch could be found on Instagram. Stay tuned!


Oct 11, 2016

Livepainting Graffiti at 'Kunst Op Je Kanis' 2016

The 8th of october: Not only my birthday, but also the day that we got out to paint something in Crooswijkerzand, for the 'Kunst op je Kanis' livepainting session. Together with Lastplak, Easy173, Jeroen Maasdam and a couple of others we made some dope stuff to hang around. Thanks to Ivo for organising everything! Pictures by Akbar Simonse, nice to meet you :)

More pictures by Akbar on this page.


Picture by Akbar Simonse

Oct 7, 2016

Graffiti for Groenendijk PGN

This week I enjoyed the very last days of nice weather for this year, so I think this is one of the last pieces for a while.. Meh.

Nonetheless this was a good opportunity to learn. Not only the different letter combination PGN, but also style building and, tho I didn't really 'thought about' painting wood (I previously just did a piece) I wanted to get it done really professional this time; To showcase my skills.

So I started with cleaning & sanding, and dusting the thing off. After that put a latex coat on, and another one. Painted the piece when the latex was dry to the touch, and let the thing rest over night. I even did a varnish coat with a roller. It all came together.

Now on to the piece; Aqua blue, with red outlines and 3 (!) shadows. I really am proud of the fact that this is connected lettering, but it is still something not too ugly. Connected lettering isn't my best skill haha.


Oct 3, 2016 Stickers now available!

New promotional stickers for the website. Just as a give away, or to paste around in unexplored places. Limited stock available, if this is a success I will print some more.

The first victim: My Kia Rio. Picture by ST Photography.