Nov 19, 2016

Graffiti made in 22 Minutes at Amersfoort, Holland

Quick one at Amersfoort last friday. Due to an business related trip, I got near Eemplein so.. Couldn't resist to do a quick piece. Chrome, no sketch, nothing special but; First time we've measured the time while painting. That's why this post is called '22 minutes' .


Nov 12, 2016

Instagram Graffiti Sketch Exchange with @heksr

Through his instagram page I got in touch with another Dutch upcoming writer, Heks. He definately has a fresh wind blowing through the scene, with his semi-square but still flowing style.

When he asked for an exchange, I was instantly hooked. It came out really well. Thanks to @madheksr!


Een foto die is geplaatst door Seckie (@seckthewriter) op

Nov 10, 2016

New video available on Youtube - Graffiti Versus Graphic Design

Enjoy my new video on youtube, 'Graphic Design versus Graffiti'!

Video shot by JeanGez and ST Photography, editing by Seckie.

Music: Mos Def - Respirations (Instrumental)

Nov 3, 2016

Graffiti Sketch - TYPOGRAPHY #4

After a really long summer (for Dutch standards), the weather is becoming less sunny and more rainy unfortunately. That means one thing, back to the drawing table!

I've made a new typography sketch yesterday evening. Only stabilo pens and a semi-permanent marker were used.. I got to go get some new Posca and Molotow markers, ugh. What I really liked about this sketch was the C part, which contains in total 4 C's overlapping. Oh, and the colors are balanced i think.

What do you guys think? Comment!