Dec 27, 2016

Seck Design - Youtube Graffiti Compilation 2016

Time to make my debut in the Youtube World!

I made a promise to myself when this year started; Make every piece different. DIfferent style, different colour combination, whatever. Same artist, different graffiti. So everything you see in this video, is made by mev(Exept for those octopus characters made by my love <3).

This compilation is just that. Seckies most diverse graffiti pieces of 2016, in a slideshow. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! Comment & Subscribe!

All other pieces of 2016 can be found on

Music by Handbook ‘Take Me (Up High)’.
Handbooks Soundcloud:

Dec 21, 2016

Customize your Sixton Peak Workboots!

Got to write a quick little update for you guys. Its been a busy week once again, searching for work and anticipating to available work on the go. While getting to work yesterday by foot, I realised I really love my new Sixton Peak Montana safety boots. These boots are S3 certified and strong enough for the work I do, and I got to admit.. they almost feel like Nike's classic Air Force 1 High. And they are filled with wool, so they are perfect for the winter.

As it is one of the many things in my life, I couldn't resist to get a little paint on. These rather dull looking black boots could use something to stand out of the crowd, as you could say haha. So I've painted them with Molotow one-4-all markers, and did a 'waterproof spray' topcoat.

Note on the design side; My inspiration was coming from the older seamen costumes, with the fancy golden laces & patches everywhere. I like the kind of class and style people had back in those days!

See you guys soon again!

Seck Design

Dec 13, 2016

Graffiti at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

As the days get colder, it gets harder to keep the paint flowing. Many of the spray caps used got clogged in the process.. Ah, we all love winter huh?

Christmas is around the corner and that means busy days are coming.. So I want to wish you guys a merry christmas, and the best for 2017.


Dec 3, 2016

Wall Art at Capelsebrug, Rotterdam

This one may be one of the last pieces of 2016.. Just a quick one, without hesitating about letterforms. More about the fun, less about the quality.

Got to admit that painting in the winter days is harder as I expected. Frostbite was on the wall so my paint didn't really want to cover. Meh.


Dec 1, 2016

Canvas for sale! - Trust Love & Believe now available in the shop

In these cold winter days, we all love to have some heartwarming phrases around, don't we? These 3 canvas boards are now for sale! All 3 are made with mixed materials on canvas, and are clearcoated. Ready to use for decoration!

About the canvases: I threw a bunch of different letterstyles on a plate, sliced them all up and... Combined those together. The base coat is done with spraypaint, and all letters were drawn freehand by Seck Design. The blue in the work stands for trust, red for love and white for believin'. The size of these boards is 24 x 30 cm.

These are available in the shop! Email me for more information at
Soon I'll place them in a (photo)frame. The blog will be updated with pictures!

Have a nice christmas y'all!


Trust, Love & Believe on canvas boards, 24 x 30 cm - 2016
Environmental pictures by ST Photography.

Environmental pictures by ST Photography.

Environmental pictures by ST Photography.