Dec 21, 2016

Customize your Sixton Peak Workboots!

Got to write a quick little update for you guys. Its been a busy week once again, searching for work and anticipating to available work on the go. While getting to work yesterday by foot, I realised I really love my new Sixton Peak Montana safety boots. These boots are S3 certified and strong enough for the work I do, and I got to admit.. they almost feel like Nike's classic Air Force 1 High. And they are filled with wool, so they are perfect for the winter.

As it is one of the many things in my life, I couldn't resist to get a little paint on. These rather dull looking black boots could use something to stand out of the crowd, as you could say haha. So I've painted them with Molotow one-4-all markers, and did a 'waterproof spray' topcoat.

Note on the design side; My inspiration was coming from the older seamen costumes, with the fancy golden laces & patches everywhere. I like the kind of class and style people had back in those days!

See you guys soon again!

Seck Design


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