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Nov 6, 2017

Quick lettering Sketch - November 2017

I've just realised that the last time I visited this blog to write a new post is already three months ago. I got to admit that my priorities are different right now. My business is growing steadily, and everything is going well. Oh, and I started a new study. I almost forgot to mention that.

Last week I did a quick sketch, just for the fun of it. Enjoy!


Aug 3, 2017

Facebook Banner Design for T & Sugah

The Music Production Academy gave me the opportunity to design something for 2 drum & bass legends; T & Sugah. They are giving a masterclass there soon, and I had the honour to design a banner for the event. I even saw these lads live, thats so dope!

Really proud about this, so I thought of sharing with you guys. Enjoy!


Jul 24, 2017

Back to the base - Capelsebrug 2017

So we are done with the travelling - for now. We all calmed down, and my hands we're starting to shake again; I got to paint! So we did this piece at Capelsebrug; No sketch, just a chrome freestyle graffiti.


Jul 16, 2017

Graffiti @ Vlissingen

Sigh... The holiday to Terneuzen is only a week ago, but it feels like I've been working ever since. Good for the money, but not for the creativity haha. These nightshifts together with the new banners I've been making for MPA are so exhausting, I didn't find the time to post this piece we did at Vlissingen last week.

So we traveled to shore city Vlissingen, after I found a legal wall on the interwebs and verifying this with local writer Heks. It was looking all good, the sun was out there, got the supplies, sketched, but... When we entered the spot there was a fence build which made 9 out of 10 spots unpaintable. A pity.

Anyways, enjoy!


Jun 30, 2017

Brochure Design - Music Production Academy 'Summer Course'

The past 2 weeks were quite busy. Designing a whole lot for the Music Production Academy and working nightshifts beside that, doesn't leave much time to write a new blog haha.

Today I was able to publish a new project to Issuu: After the 'Bewijzenmap' project for designschool in 2015, now the Summer Course Brochure is out. All designed by me!

Got to get preparing for the The Loods Jam this saturday, so I keep it short this time. The brochure is written in Dutch, check it out below. Don't be afraid to read it fullscreen!

Seck Design

Jun 19, 2017

The Düsseldorf Trip - Vennhauser Allee Graffiti

Another trip..?

As soon as I hear somebody talking about travel plans, I start seeing the opportunities to paint my name abroad. A trip to Düsseldorf this weekend was because of that opportunity, being a fun thing to look out to. Buying paint for that particular trip, sketching and using Google maps to get familiar with the Hall of Fames, it doesn't help not to think about all things that could go wrong haha.

Okay, fast forward to past Saturday. Due to a deal at the Hilton Hotel we got free one-day-cards to travel the public transport. After the recent trips to London and Berlin, I recognised the feeling that got to me while getting into the U-Bahn; Some sort of sweaty, nervous anxiety, that 'I hope everything falls into place' feeling. On the other side I really wanted to paint. 

Vennhauser Allee

After a little 70% German and 30% English chat with some Fußball guys about me being some sort of 'kunstler', we got out at the Vennhauser Allee. What a wall. Such sick work from Semor and other artists, and some really sick collaboration walls. A must see if you are going to Dusseldorf and you like graffiti & street art!

In my piece I tried something new with my fill. Hope you enjoy!


Jun 9, 2017

Just a quick update

More and more graphic design work on the blog lately. Maybe its because I am starting a new course at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, or because I started to pick up running again... I don't know. Next week will be rad, because we'll do a weekend trip to Dusseldorf. I think I'll drop a piece there.

This week I had the honour to do a whole lot of promotional work for my friends at MPA. Good to see that our workflow is finally becoming better and better. I will be dropping by soon, to give the new interns a fresh start regarding to the MPA branding.

More to come! Stay tuned.

May 25, 2017

Music Production Academy presents: The Summer Course

You may recognise the name Music Production Academy (or shortly 'MPA'), because I have been working with them for over an year already. Started as an intern at the music school in Rotterdam, and worked myself up to a fully respected graphic designer. I am responsible for most of their banner work, poster work and their business cards.

Most of the time, there is a strict branding we have to follow. But for this particular instance, I created the banner for the Ableton Summer Course - Almost totally up to my own taste.

Compare it to the other banner I made for (another) upcoming Ableton Course. You'll spot the differences. The icon box has been moved to the left, and is now filled with 'Sunny Beach Blue'. Together with the repositioning of the other elements, it refreshes the whole thing. Nice.


MPA Ableton Event Banner 2017

MPA Summer Course Banner 2017
May 16, 2017

Seck One - Graffiti in Spijkenisse - 2017

Okay, I (not so) proudly present: The first piece ever to be finished in two days... Because of the curved surface I was painting at the skatepark, my spraycans would run out of paint much faster than they would normally. On day one, when trying to get my outlines done with an almost empty Tar can, I realised that it wasn't going to work. 

So after a lot of swearing and throwing stuff around (Haven't been that angry for ages haha) I went home, to return to the spot to paint the last touches. Enjoy!


May 8, 2017

Graffiti Capelsebrug - Tricolore 3D

A quick piece today, with the sketch I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago as an inspiration. I borrowed a GoPro Hero 5 from Paul, but as it was the first time filming with a GoPro and we only had a chest mount none of the lines are actually captured. I'm going to buy a headmount later on, so I hope we have better luck next time!

Piece is a conceptual one, with 3 shadows placed upon eachother. Enjoy!


Apr 29, 2017

Graffiti Couwenhoek - Toy Story 2017

As the weather was becoming better for the first time this week, we got out with our new Molotow Coversall spraypaint to get something done at Couwenhoek, Rotterdam.

I really like the new Molotow cans. Do they cover? Better than the more basic cans like Ironlak (especially the old ones), and better than the lighter color Molotow Beltons. They didn't really 'covered all' like they said on the can itself, but thats okay. Coverage on chrome is superb by the way. Because they're low pressure its more easy to get clean lines done.

Enjoy this 'Toy Story' inspired graffiti! 


Apr 25, 2017

Chrome graffiti in Spijkenisse - The pole work-around

So yesterday the Tober and I got to Spijkenisse once again, to paint a quick piece at the Skatepark. 

It was going all well, but... When I finished painting my outlines, I was looking at my piece from a distance. I noticed the poles were painted white, and it didn't play well with the black background my piece had; Having vertical linework going across a piece, doesn't work most of the time. That is why I 'repainted' some parts of my letters on the poles. Take a look at the footage below! 


Gif file, click for bigger resolution.

Apr 21, 2017

Yoghurt Smoothie Graffiti in Alphen a/d Rijn

Today was a good day! Teamed up with the Kermis and Trem, the last piece I've done with those guys was at the NDSM Werf in Amsterdam, looong time ago. So it was fun meeting these guys again, even without painting!

But off course we did leave our stamp in Alphen. Enjoy this 'Yoghurt Smoothie' graffiti!


Apr 17, 2017

Pink monster Graffiti at Capelsebrug Rotterdam!

So, after getting home from dropping my girl off at work this morning, I couldn't resist it; I got to paint. Graffiti painters know what I'm talking about, it is like a virus. It has been more than a week, or at least it felt that way. So I chose the regular spot for today: Capelsebrug.

When entering the garage and looking at my spray stash, I noticed I had a whole lot of pink leftovers. I picked them all together and without a sketch, I did this piece today. Really proud how it came out! Time to get some new paint soon.


Apr 14, 2017

Tattoo Design 'Jereni' for Rocks van de Rots

So the last week I spend was.. yeah.. bit of a struggle to be honest. Designer wise. I got to admit, I never created a tattoo design before (yeah okay, this one from 2013, but that one never got done). But years have passed for this second try. Experimental producer Rocks van de Rots asked me for a tattoo design.

I learned a whole lot on the typographic side, but also digitalizing is getting more and more easy for me. I know designing tattoo's isn't that big of a problem with this kind of knowledge. But nonetheless, I have a bunch of respect for Rocky for trusting me in this design process. It will be on his chest forever. And I have the honour to design it.

Getting into sketching

Because the tattoo is an ode to Rocks' little niece Jereni, I could choose a couple of symbols to add from the references he send me. I chose the heart and the infinity sign as it shows the 'infinite love' Rocks' has for his niece.

From the start on, I aimed for a rounded, friendly handwriting. I've tried to keep some of my style in the design, but I had to let go of a whole lot of things.. Most graffiti linework just doesn't work with tattooing, especially this emotional type.

The digitalizing process

After feedbacking with Rocks, we came up with the sketch that had the most potential; In the picture above it is in the down left corner. We chose this one because of the thin lines, together with the flow of the whole piece.

I scanned the whole thing and put it into Photoshop. As the original sketch was on linepaper, I had to clean up the lines first. After that, we had some points to focus on: the R looked like a C, and we added the Infinity symbol which I've copied from another sketch. Check out the finished product below:

Click for a bigger resolution!

Soon I'll be meeting with Rocks van de Rots for a second tattoo design. Stay tuned!


Apr 10, 2017

Rasta Graffiti Sketch for Mr Carty Music

I have the honour to sketch & spray some new pieces for Mr. Carty Music, and some of them will be turned into t shirts and other merchandise. Because he is a reggae artist, I've used the Rastafari flag as a fill. Thanks to OB for the opportunity, more is coming! First sketch of the series is below.


Apr 2, 2017

Graffiti Capelsebrug Rotterdam - Purple-ish

Okay so first things first.. I want to thank all of you guys reading my art blog, because earlier this week it has reached 100.000 pageviews, which offcourse is a milestone for me. I'm a happy blogger!

After the flu got me stuck to my bed for a couple of days, we got out to paint properly today once again (I got to admit I did a roller with Tober, which is on my instagram). We got to Capelsebrug, and because I had a lot of pink leftovers and purple cans, we did a 'purple beam' fill. The yellow in the 3d secretly fits with the character that was already there on the right side, kinda funny. :)


Mar 28, 2017

Comic inspired - Bubble letter Graffiti

It was a sunny day once again yesterday. Nice to feel the summer is coming our way.. Me and my old friend Tober got out in Spijkenisse to paint the local skatepark, with old pink tex offcourse! And pink fill means bubble letters, at least this time. We've had a good one!


Mar 24, 2017

Berlin Graffiti - Two Hall of Fames you dont want to miss!

After a 5 day trip to Berlin, we didn't want to leave without painting some graffiti. That is why we've visited two legal graffiti walls and reviewed them, like we did before, when we did a trip to London

Beside the good food habits of the Germans, Berlin offers much more - especially on the cultural side. Museums are almost on every street corner, together with pop up stores, food from all corners of the world. You could visit massive shopping malls, or you could just sit back in the park and enjoy the people passing by. And oh man, the sticker art community is massive.

And also a big thanks to Legacy BLN to grand us access to the second wall. Their shop in the Yorkstrasse is also worth checking out for sure!

1. Mauerpark - Central Berlin

The first wall we got to was the Hall of Fame next the Stadium, in the Mauerpark. Super chill spot, and good for approx. a 200m long wall. The overall quality of the work isn't super high, so you don't have to bother much while crossing someone. Wall quality is all right. Little bumps here and there, but that doesn't matter on a distance. We painted on a Thursday, and we didn't get bothered by anyone. WARNING: Please note that the side facing the park is legal, the side facing the Stadium isn't!

This spot on the Map

2. Park Am Gleisdreieck - South Berlin

A little more to the south (approx. 10 minutes by car), located in the Park Am Gleisdreieck, is the Legacy BLN wall. This wall is only paintable with permission from the Legacy BLN Graffiti Shop, located at the Yorkstraße nearby. When you ask for permission you will get a card, which you have to show when the park managers pass by. This way the quality of the work and the overall wall is kept the same, which is better than Mauerpark. But still, didn't see any mindblowing work.

This spot on the Map

Mar 10, 2017

First sunny Trip this Year - Couwenhoek

Today we've painted the sketch which I made yesterday, with a couple of minor changes to the letter structure and 3d. The Blob character on the left was done by my lady. It was also the first trip with my new custom made leather bag by Pahana Design! Check out the pictures below.


Mar 9, 2017

Graffiti Blackbook - Psychedelic Circles

Here I am, writing a new graffiti related post. In a new environment, because I launched a whole new template yesterday. The blog is now becoming responsive, as the standard 'Dynamic Views' blogger template was giving issues on mobile devices.

Allright... Because the photo sharing app Instagram is getting more and more popular lately, I am uploading daily on there. Follow me there, @seckthewriter for a peak into my life, or just click the Follow button below. Enjoy!


Mar 3, 2017

Commission - The Website Design

Wait.. So you also create websites for clients?

As you may have read on the official Seck Design website, the website was released last week. I understand you are curious right now, because this is the first webdesign for a client ever, made by me. What is it all about?

Visit the site for yourself here:

We’ve added the domain.. Whats next?
From buying a domain name, to getting the website to work in WordPress, adding photos, text and forms, videos… It may be a bit overwhelming if you never build a website before. The internet is getting more important to your brand than ever before though.
Seck Design is capable of helping you with all of that. I can make a logo, business card, flyer design, but we could also update your Facebook page or create a website meeting your needs. All will happen when you are doing other important things for your business.
What it has to do with this website
When you see at first glance, you can easily spot the focus: Business related. Interaction with the customer is minimal, and the website offers a whole lot of information about the company.
There are a couple of pages which are worth mentioning though. The ‘Partners’ page is protected with an password. On the contact page you’ll find a fillable form. On the partners page, the logo’s of some of the collegues of Ropana are displayed.
Okay... what is this going to cost?
This is the most burning question, offcourse. Seck Design will make you a working website starting at a reasonable price of 1000 euro, VAT included. If you want to know what Seck Design can do for your company, don’t hesitate to go to the contact page.

As you may understand right now, I am very proud to share this with you guys. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like and share on Facebook!
Feb 26, 2017

Quick Graffiti Piece at Prinsenpark, Rotterdam

It's still raining lots outside, but I couldn't resist the itch. I think I just need a little bit of paint on my fingers every couple of days haha. I got out on my own to spray something at Prinsenpark, Rotterdam. The Rotterdam Graffiti scene is on a bit of a hold, especially at Prinsenpark. I saw some nice wall art by Dupes and Mongols though.

Decided to create a gif file because of the poles blocking certain parts of the piece. This way every detail is shown.


Feb 23, 2017

Blackbook Graffiti with Stylefile Markers

It feels really weird to say we are already in February, and this is my second graffiti sketch in 2017. May be that's because I'm more into concepts lately? Who knows... For a daily peak into my life, follow my instagram @seckthewriter.

Anyways, this is the most developed sketch I've made in 2017 so far for sure. I saw lots of sketches on the internet which follow an 'oval' shape, which means that the letter's on either sides are the smallest. That's why I sketched an oval shape in my concept. Just to fit my letters in. What do you think? 


High quality picture. Click to view full version.

Feb 18, 2017

Chrome Graffiti at Couwenhoek & Capelsebrug

Today we made a trip through Rotterdam, to paint two pieces at Capelsebrug & Couwenhoek. After the shipment of fresh paint provided by Suitupshop, and the Marktplaats deal I made this week on some car paint

First stop: Capelle Couwenhoek, Rotterdam

Second stop: Capelsebrug, Rotterdam ft. Blob

Feb 11, 2017

The Honing Tripel Beerlabel Design

The beer label I created back in 2012 

..for my uncle's homebrew beer 'Honing Tripel'. A heavy hopped blonde beer with a touch of honey, to dream away with on a saturday evening. This is as short as I could describe it. My whole family consists of beer lovers, and with the knowledge my uncle has from his years as a medicine maker, he started brewing specialty beers way before I was born.

This whole story intrigues me to this day. The way he chooses his hop, the way he writes down his recipe, the way he drinks his beer & refines those recipes, again and again. The passion is just always there. That is why, back in 2012 after a year in design school, the creative me decided to get into Photoshop and Illustrator to create the best beer label I had ever seen. I wanted to show him I got the same passion, but in an other profession.

2017 - Turning the old design into something new

But... After almost 5 years, finishing design school, the brewery getting the name Anselmus & me starting Seck Design, I felt that the old design from 2012 was becoming outdated. I got out of bed at 4 am midnight, and started building the whole thing up once again - from scratch.

What I heard in school a lot (and what you can easily see in my older work) was that my artwork was way overpowered. 'Less is more' is what they told me. And when I open one of my older artbooks or look at older work, I cannot deny it. I learned a lot from that one sentence.

This quest is to be continued. We need to find an appropriate printing method for the new design, because it is transparent. Interesting.

This is a concept we are working on. A mock up is shown below, with the old design (left) and the new one (right).

Feb 10, 2017

Retro Game Sticker Design

I'm from 1994, so I basically grew up with my older niece playing the MS Dos game Duke Nukem 3D. That stuff was my childhood, I only have to read a sentence from the game series and I automatically read it in Duke's voice. 'It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but im all out of gum...'

The whole Duke Nukem story is too long to tell you in this post, because I want to keep it short. But the whole superhero type character Duke is, is perfect to combine with graffiti. So I did! I got rid of all weapons and chose other tools for him to work with. 'Ahhh... Much better!'

The sketch was first scanned into illustrator, then colored in photoshop, and printed by Flyeralarm. I'm down to trade so come get some!


Feb 5, 2017

Graffiti with a Wild West Feel

New day new style at Capelsebrug ft. Blob. After a (another) quick paintsession yesterday at Alphen a/d Rijn, we got to action once again to empty our cans. This one has a kind of western feel to it, I really like how it came out. 


Feb 2, 2017

Wall Art at Alphen a/d Rijn

Quick new graffiti with my friend Daan Liberta. Just to get rid of the last bits of paint, nothing more nothing less.. All freestyle. Youtube video footage below, edited by Daan. Enjoy!


Jan 26, 2017

How to Clean Spraypaint Caps by Seck Design

There is one thing every graffiti writer / spraypainter happen to come across; those clogged caps that are laying around, and aren’t usable. In this tutorial Seckie will show you a way to recycle your spray caps, and give them a second life.

Subscribe to my Youtube for more of these type of videos, I am planning on making more out of my channel. Enjoy!

Jan 20, 2017

London Graffiti - Three London Halls of Fame to Visit

In the days we spend at London, we've visited 3 out of the many legal graffiti walls in the city that moves through day and night. This is just my opinion on the exposure of your piece, paintability of the surface and the overall chill factor of the spots. I want to thank ChromeandBlack for providing us with an easy to follow route on paper, came in really handy! So when you are on spraycation or want to do a piece in your holidays, don't forget to visit their store.

1. Markfield Skate Park - North London

The first spot we painted was the Markfield Skatepark. After a bit of a search for the place itself, which didn't do any good for the exposure part, we found a really nice set of walls, and a big skatebowl that we could paint. This was the chillest spot of the three; we had London Underground Subways blazin' through on the tracks in the background, and nobody was acting weird, being agressive or something. We had no problems with anyone painting this spot.

The only thing I can think of while pointing out the downside of this spot, are the curved surfaces. Those are hard to paint if you haven't painted those before.

Overall the place gets 4 out of 5 stars, because the spot is chill, the exposure of your piece is okay, but on the surface it is hard to get it just right. 

This spot on the map

2.  Leake Street (Waterloo) - South London

This was the most busy out of the three 
spots. Next to a big train & London Underground station, there was a lot of traffic, so the exposure is really there. There even were a couple of tourists asking us stuff, and over 10 other groups made pictures of us. The quality of the murals that are already there is also really good: Do not just paint over anybody.

The downside of this spot is the lightning, which is in this case really at the end of the tunnel. Deeper down the tunnel you dont have the proper light for a good picture.

Because of the lightning of the tunnel, this spot gets 3 out of 5 stars.


This spot on the map

3. Mile End Tunnel - East London

The last spot we've painted just to empty our cans was Mile End. A sweet little tunnel wall next to a go kart track and a skatepark. Good quality wood to paint on, good for about a 20 m2. Note: Everything that is wood is paintable, not the skatepark itself! We almost made the choice to do another skate bowl. 

On the other side, the scenery isn't that nice as with the other spots mentioned above. It is more of an 'average hall of fame'. Also, when the sun comes through you are not able to shoot some good footage at all... A pity.

The last spot we painted was the most boring, so it gets 2 out of 5 stars. 

This spot on the map

This is just our opinion, but if you want to go painting in London, the Markfield Skate Park is a must to go to! We hope this information was a bit helpful to you guys going to London soon. Enjoy!

Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year everybody!

Happy new year everybody! After a time of celebration, today I found the opportunity to sketch something quick with my new Stylefile markers I got as a christmas present. It is a new brand added to my collection, but I'm glad I did. Really nice to have alcohol based markers that do not leave streaks haha.

I also bought one of their displays, not to show off my markers but just to store them. Maybe I'll do a review of these soon.