Jan 26, 2017

How to Clean Spraypaint Caps by Seck Design

There is one thing every graffiti writer / spraypainter happen to come across; those clogged caps that are laying around, and aren’t usable. In this tutorial Seckie will show you a way to recycle your spray caps, and give them a second life.

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Jan 20, 2017

London Graffiti - Three London Halls of Fame to Visit

In the days we spend at London, we've visited 3 out of the many legal graffiti walls in the city that moves through day and night. This is just my opinion on the exposure of your piece, paintability of the surface and the overall chill factor of the spots. I want to thank ChromeandBlack for providing us with an easy to follow route on paper, came in really handy! So when you are on spraycation or want to do a piece in your holidays, don't forget to visit their store.

1. Markfield Skate Park - North London

The first spot we painted was the Markfield Skatepark. After a bit of a search for the place itself, which didn't do any good for the exposure part, we found a really nice set of walls, and a big skatebowl that we could paint. This was the chillest spot of the three; we had London Underground Subways blazin' through on the tracks in the background, and nobody was acting weird, being agressive or something. We had no problems with anyone painting this spot.

The only thing I can think of while pointing out the downside of this spot, are the curved surfaces. Those are hard to paint if you haven't painted those before.

Overall the place gets 4 out of 5 stars, because the spot is chill, the exposure of your piece is okay, but on the surface it is hard to get it just right. 

This spot on the map

2.  Leake Street (Waterloo) - South London

This was the most busy out of the three 
spots. Next to a big train & London Underground station, there was a lot of traffic, so the exposure is really there. There even were a couple of tourists asking us stuff, and over 10 other groups made pictures of us. The quality of the murals that are already there is also really good: Do not just paint over anybody.

The downside of this spot is the lightning, which is in this case really at the end of the tunnel. Deeper down the tunnel you dont have the proper light for a good picture.

Because of the lightning of the tunnel, this spot gets 3 out of 5 stars.


This spot on the map

3. Mile End Tunnel - East London

The last spot we've painted just to empty our cans was Mile End. A sweet little tunnel wall next to a go kart track and a skatepark. Good quality wood to paint on, good for about a 20 m2. Note: Everything that is wood is paintable, not the skatepark itself! We almost made the choice to do another skate bowl. 

On the other side, the scenery isn't that nice as with the other spots mentioned above. It is more of an 'average hall of fame'. Also, when the sun comes through you are not able to shoot some good footage at all... A pity.

The last spot we painted was the most boring, so it gets 2 out of 5 stars. 

This spot on the map

This is just our opinion, but if you want to go painting in London, the Markfield Skate Park is a must to go to! We hope this information was a bit helpful to you guys going to London soon. Enjoy!

Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year everybody!

Happy new year everybody! After a time of celebration, today I found the opportunity to sketch something quick with my new Stylefile markers I got as a christmas present. It is a new brand added to my collection, but I'm glad I did. Really nice to have alcohol based markers that do not leave streaks haha.

I also bought one of their displays, not to show off my markers but just to store them. Maybe I'll do a review of these soon.